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List of witnesses of project '20th century in memories of Czech minority members in Serbia'

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Barbara Hana Irovič (1948)

Born in Kruščica in former Yugoslavia on 18 May 1948 A member of the Czech minority in Serbia Went to the Czech primary school in Kruščica Took tailor training Works as a tailor and sexton in Kruščica She still speaks Czechs and visits the Czech Republic ... arrows 

Zoran Kamarit (1925) video clip available

Born on 14 April 1925 in Šabac, Serbia, to a family of a Czech émigré and a Serb Arrested at 18 years in Belgrade during the war, then released Fought as a guerrilla on the Srem front between 1944 and 1945 and reached Celje, Slovenia Graduated from economics in ... arrows 

Štefan Klepaček (1950)

Born in Bela Crkva in Yugoslavia on 20 August 1950 Member of the Czech minority in Serbia Graduated from a school of economics in Belgrade Worked as a commercial director and CFO as well as a receiver Founded the Matica češka compatriot organisation in Bela ... arrows 

Rastko Kolaček (1956)

Born on 6 April 1956 in Belgrade Member of the Czech minority in Belgrade Quit studies and went to the army Held various jobs in the electronics industry over the course of 26 years His children had heart surgery in London His wife and he built a house in ... arrows 

Ruža Kolaček (1956) video clip available

Born in 1956 at Petrovaradin Having graduated from high school she joined Borovo and worked there until 2005 Organised voluntary work for young people in 1982-1983 A daughter was born to her in 1993 Experienced the bombing of Serbia in 1999 Retired in 2014 ... arrows 

Josef Kůželka (1948)

Born on 5 May 1948 in Kruščica in the then Yugoslavia A member of the Czech minority in Serbia Went to the Czech school in Kruščica Graduated from the high school of transportation in Tuzla Worked in the PIK Južni Banat farming combine First visited the ... arrows 

Jarmila Laník (1940) video clip available

Born on 7 April 1940 in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia Started going to a Czech primary school in 1947 Joined JAT as a flight attendant in 1961 Visited Czechoslovakia on business from 1965 on Remembers the life of the Czech community in Belgrade and the ... arrows 

Ludmila Mihajlović, roz. Marešová (1936)

Born on 15 September 1936 in Kruščica in the then Yugoslavia Her family moved to Bela Crkva and father worked in a family pub Her father was arrested and imprisoned for four years during the war Graduated from a teacher school Worked as a teacher in the Czech ... arrows 

Marta Nedvědová (1929)

born 13 May 1929 in Belgrade in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenians Czech-Serbian family, her father was Czech and her mother Czecho-Serbian her father came to Belgrade in 1924 as a clerk of the Czech Credit Bank witnessed the bombing of Belgrade when ... arrows 

Franjica Poznik (1930) video clip available

Born on 9 February 1930 in Střežany (Croatian: Sređani) in today’s Croatia Experienced guerrillas as well as the Ustashe movement and the Black Legion during WWII The family moved to Beška in Vojvodina in 1954 She married soon after and brought up two ... arrows 



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