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List of witnesses of project 'Memories for the Future'

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Friederike Frank, geb. Urbassek (1926)

Friederike Frank, born Urbassek on 12nd March, 1926 Lived in Jeseník in Kostelní street no. 160 following mobilisation in 1938 fled to Vidnava before the end of war fled again to Ostružná forced labour in Olomouc from July 1945 to February 1946 the father ... arrows 

Charlotte Geier, geb. Böhm (1931)

Charlotte Geier, born Böhm on 23rd May, 1931, grew up in Jeseník-Bukovice no. 7 Escaped to the German Reich during the Czechoslovak mobilisation in September 1938 The father interned after the war, badly wounded during forced labour, released in 1946 Family had ... arrows 

Helene Klier, roz. Fischer (1933)

born on 10th of December 1933 in Mährisch Altstadt (Staré Město or Staré Město pod Sněžníkem in Czech) before deportation held in a camp in Šumperk with the whole family in October 1946 the whole family deported from Czechoslovakia had to stay in a deportation ... arrows 

Ing. Gustav Krause (1932)

born on 18 January 1932, in Freiwaldau (Jeseník), Czechoslovakia in May 1945 the school stopped for him as for all other German children (he was 13 years old); instead, he had to carry out forced labour in August 1945 his father was imprisoned despite the fact he ... arrows 

Hertha Lindemann (1920) video clip available

Born in Velké Kunětice (Gross Kunzendorf) on 12 May, 1920 two siblings, a brother and a sister 1938-1943 studied at the Charles University in Prague 1946 escaped to Sweden In Sweden met her future husband, dr. prof. Lindemann, whom she married later in

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JUDr. Ingeborg Loos (1935)

born in Weisswasser on 10th August, 1935 from 1941 attended an elementary school in Weisswasser after the end of war a new beginning in Cologne on the Rhine 1955 studies at the Heidelberg university in Munich and Berlin 1966 married and had two children (1967 ... arrows 

Edgar Menzel (1936)

born on 12th December 1936 in Zastávka near to Javorník in Silesia of German nationality his father was social democrat and during the WWII spent four years in various concentrations camps and in a fuel plant in Záluží near Most in 1946 the family had to leave ... arrows 

Anna Michalski (1924)

born on 27th March, 1924 in Niesnersberg (Nýznerov) family had a hard life with many siblings in the time between the two world wars as a child and a German joined the Hitler´s youth at the end of WW2 in 1945 sent to Siberia after signing a false accusation by ... arrows 

Maria Miksch (1931)

born on 2nd April, 1931 in Velká Kraš parents - Johann and Emma Pache had two older sisters – Elisabeth and Margarete on 22nd September 1938 was hiding under the corner bench, when the Czech officials were driven out of the free corps from Vidnava experienced ... arrows 

Ewald Seifert (1937)

born on 5th August, 1937 in Schwarzwasser/Černá Voda 1943 attended school in Schwarzwasser/Černá Voda in August 1946 displaced through Bohemia; first into the refugee camp in Niklasdorf, then a two-and-a-half-day ride in cattle carriages via Prague to Bavaria; to ... arrows 



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