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List of witnesses of project 'The Stories of our neighbours supported by EHP grants - www.fondnno.cz a www.eeagrants.cz'

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František Cigánek (1930)

Born on 25 January, 1930 in Věžky near Přerov Graduated in 1950 at the commerce academy Studied the Philosophical Faculty at the Palacký University in Olomouc On 29 January, 1953 crossed the state border near Račí valley in Jeseník region Caught by the border ... arrows 

Marie Danielová (1932)

Born on 28 September, 1932 in Pánov During WW2 the parents helped partisans At the end of war the father was almost shot by the German soldiers In 1950 the father as a gulag imprisoned for half a year Finally the family had to join the cooperative In 1968 ... arrows 

Günter Götz (1939)

Born on 30 October, 1938 in Lößnitz (Saxony) 1951–1956 studied gymnasium On 6 February, 1956 left from Altenburg to Goch On 2 April, 1956 started studying gymnasium in BRD 1957 graduation in gymnasium 2001 moved to the Czech Republic ... arrows 

Ing. Zdeněk Halaš (1924)

Born on August 21, 1924 in Prague During the first world the father was wounded twice in a fight Mum taught in rich Jewish families playing the piano Studied the gymnasium in Vinohrady On 18 December, 1942 was ordered to work in the Reich post office in ... arrows 

PhDr. Tomáš Hrbek (1943)

born August 15, 1943 in Olomouc comes from a Jewish family his father Leo Hrbek was an attorney who appealed several times against the notice to board the transport he thus saved his wife Rosa Tomáš studied English and Czech studies at the Faculty of Arts of ... arrows 

Vladimír Hučín (1952)

born on May 25, 1952 in Zlín his father worked in the Meopta company as a designer, his mother was an elementary school teacher 1968–1970 apprenticing in the Meopta company as a mechanic in 1970 refused to join the Socialist Union of Youth in 1971 beaten by ... arrows 

Miroslav Klimeš (1921)

born 19 March 1921 in Opava both his brothers had fought in the Austro-Hungarian army during World War I from 1930, member of Sokol 1931, joined the Czech Scouting movement, 1st Scout Troop Opava 1938, family moved to Olomouc 1940, graduated from a grammar ... arrows 

Ladislav Krejza (1934)

Born on June 27, 1934 in Košice Member and a functionary of the Czechoslovak People´s Party Political prisoner, served his sentence mainly in uranium mines near Příbram In 1957 arrested and sentenced to ten years for high treason Participant of the Catholic ... arrows 

Vlasta Macháčková (1922)

born 31 May 1922 in Vlkoš 1937, death of her sister Milena 1939, emigration of her brother Karel interrogated by the Gestapo return of her brother Karel second emigration of Karel marked as a danger to the socialistic education of youth under State ... arrows 

Ing. Jiří Marel (1936)

born on May 21, 1936 in Písek in 1947 enrolled in grammar school, which was however closed down one year after the beginning of his studies later he was forbidden to study any other school than a school for workers learnt the machine fitter’s trade in Třeboň ... arrows 



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