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List of witnesses of project 'Silesia: Memory of multiethnic Region'

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Zuzana Blahetková (1936)

born 15 January 1936 grew up in Bolatice near Hlučín, where she still lives today 8 October 1938, received German citizenship when Hlučín District was annexed to the Third Reich her father and brother were drafted into the Wehrmacht April 1945, fled inland ... arrows 

Erich Bortlík (1928)

born on 5 June 1928 in Hať in the Hlučín area witnessed the annexation of the Hlučín area by the Third Reich in October 1938 his father was drafted to the Wehrmacht in 1942; was killed in action in 1944 in January 1945 Erich himself was drafted to the ... arrows 

Marie Cigánová (1936)

born on 7 June 1936 in Hať in the Hlučín region in October 1938 the region was annexed to the German Reich all the locals including Marie Cigánová received German citizenship in 1939 her father was enlisted to the Wehrmacht four days into the 1941 German ... arrows 

Charlotte Galambošová (1938)

born on 19 December 1938 in Dolní Benešov in the Hlučín region in October 1938 the region was annexed by the Third Reich; she became a German citizen her father and two brothers were drafted to the Wehrmacht in September 1944 began attending a German school ... arrows 

Jan Gomola (1916)

Born on 20 March, 1916 in a village of Dolní Lomná at the Czech-Polish border Comes from a very poor religious family Worked as an interior painter in Berlin In 1940 was called to the German army For four years fought at the Russian front for German ... arrows 

Marta Heczko (1931)

she was born on November 24, 1931 in Pruchna (Cieszyn Silesia) she comes from a peasant family, which had a 27-hectare farm her parents, coming from Pruchna, run the farm Marta was the oldest of six children before an outbreak of World War II, she completed ... arrows 

Erika Herudková (1939)

born on 10 June 1939 in Bolatice in the Hlučín region by that time, the region was already annexed by the Third Reich her father owned an inn and had to join the NSDAP in January 1945 her ill father was drafted to the Wehrmacht, later dying in Soviet ... arrows 

Gabriela Hluchníková (1928)

born on 1 November 1928 in Dolní Benešov in the Hlučín region her father Karel Kaluža was a WW I legionary who made a living trading cattle witnessed the construction of Czechoslovak frontline fortification in October 1938, following the German invasion, she ... arrows 

Ioannis Charalambidis (1941) video clip available

born in 1941 in the village of Tiriopetra in northern Greece (central Macedonia, Pella prefecture) his father Kostas was a partisan in the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) evacuated to Czechoslovakia during the civil war in Greece spent time in children’s homes ... arrows 

František Josefus (1925)

born 3 October 1925 grew up in Strahovice near Hlučín, where he lives to this day 8 October 1938, as a result of the Munich Agreement, Hlučín District became a part of the Third Reich the witness was automatically declared a German citizen February 1943, ... arrows 



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