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List of witnesses of project 'Memory of Nations Sites'

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Jiří Beránek (1935) video clip available

born on 3 April 1935 in Trávčice near Terezín witnessed local events related to the operation of the Terezín ghetto trained to work in the Rudý Letov company became a mechanist and an expert on airplane repairs in Aero Vodochody declined an offer to join the ... arrows 

Jitka Borkovcová (1936) video clip available

Born on December 18, 1936, in Prague Father was a traffic policeman, during the war he left the gendarmerie In 1948 - as a non-communist – her father lost his job at the police Witness started to study a grammar school in 1952 Graduated in 1955 Worked at ... arrows 

Ludmila Grafnetrová (1933) video clip available

born 15 September 1933 in Grygov near Olomouc her parents and two sisters tended a small farm 1947, left to study a secondary school of agriculture in Olomouc father stopped farming and joined a cooperative 1953, married and moved to Prague her husband ... arrows 

Danuše Hanauerová (1926)

born on 8th May 1926 in Kralupy nad Vltavou total deployment in 1943 at Křivoklátsko 22nd March 1945 Bombarding of Kralupy nad Vltavou by American Bombers 1945 deporting of family from Kralupy to Lounovice 1958 Married to Jaroslav Hanauer 1960 a son was born ... arrows 

Jiří Hryzlík (1927) video clip available

born in 1927 in Zábřeh na Moravě during the Protectorate served in wartime production in Přerov graduated from business college in 1946 in 1948 declined an offer to join the Communist Party because of that he was for the most of his life restricted to ... arrows 

Ing. Zdeněk Hříbal (1926) video clip available

born on 17 May 1926 in Prague attended a business school in Prague from 1941 till 1945 in September 1944 he was sent to forced labor into the Walter factory in Jinonice from January till April 1945 he served as a messenger, doing both domestic and international ... arrows 

Helena Kašperová (1948)

born on 14 March 1948 in Dobříš in 1949 the communist government expropriated her family’s shop and factory 1966 – 1968 worked in the Motorlet company since 1967 member of group of friends of Semafor theater in 1969 moved from Dobříš to Prague up until ... arrows 

Ing. Josef Kubeš (1937) video clip available

born on 2 June 1937 in a secluded settlement near the Krkonoše mountain range during grammar school studies obtained a pilot licence after graduation enrolled at the Faculty of Aeronautics in Brno he then took up a job in Prague’s Motorlet factory as a ... arrows 

Karel Lánský (1924) video clip available

born 6 July 1924 in Staňkov childhood spent in poverty in rural southern Bohemia 1939–1943, trained as a tailor in Prague 1943–1945, forced labour at Walter Motors in Prague, also at Ruzyně airport May 1945, resistance fighter during the Prague Revolt from ... arrows 

Jindřich Leinweber (1938) video clip available

born 14 May 1938 in Bystrá during secondary school, learnt to fly gliders and light sport aircraft graduated from the Secondary Technical School in Chrudim (construction machinery) and from the Faculty of Aviation of Brno Military Academy (aircraft design) from ... arrows 



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