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List of witnesses of project '1980: A Turbulent Year in Poland and the Czechoslovak Reaction'

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Ján Boďa (1956)

born on November 20, 1956 in Martin since 1975 a student of Physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava in September 1980 as a university graduate, he enrolled at the compulsory military service in Benešov in December ... arrows 

Václav Boška (1960)

born 1960 in Střítež October 1979, started compulsory military service December 1980, took part in the Krkonoše 1980 field exercise October 1981, returned to civilian life and his job at ČZ Strakonice in ninetees started his own gardening shop, still runs the ... arrows 

Petr Bým (1954)

father member of the Army Art Ensemble, mother clerk at the Ministry of Finance regardless of father's foreign residence, after 1969 the family decided to stay in Czechoslovakia father wrongly considered to be an emigrant and discharged from the Communist Party

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Pál Csáky (1956)

born on March 21, 1956 in Šahy in 1980 he finished his studies at the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice in December 1980 as a soldier at the tank regiment in Strašice he witnessed events of the so-called action Krkonoše, which was ... arrows 

Pavel Čermák (1957) video clip available

born 9 April 1957 graduated from the School of Law of Charles University in Prague his father Miloslav Čermák was chief of the military review committee at the Central Military Hospital in Prague 1 December 1980, began compulsory military service with the 21st ... arrows 

Artur Fedorowski (1965)

He was born on 9 July 1965 in Wroclaw, Poland. In 1946 his mother’s family, coming from Wielkopolska, settled down in Wroclaw, his father’s family was resettled in the vicinity of Milicz in Lower Silesia from the Eastern borderlands. His father was a member of ... arrows 

Krzysztof Grzelczyk (1957)

He was born the 3rd of July, 1957 in Krosno Odrzanskie, Poland. He graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Wrocław. He was active in the democratic opposition to the Polish Peoples Republic. In 1978-79, he was the spokesman for the ... arrows 

Ján Hanes (1960)

born on October 3, 1960 in Lučenec he attended the compulsory military service in the pontoon company in Terezín from September 1979 until September 1981 in winter 1980 he took part in military action Krkonoše, which was supposed to “normalize” political ... arrows 

Ing., Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Karel Kalista (1954)

born 1954 in Pilsen 1979, graduated from electrical engineering at the Antonín Zápotocký Military Academy in Brno 1980, served with the 9th Radio and Signal Company for Electronic Reconnaissance, which reconnoitred the Polish People’s Army 1984, joined the 74th ... arrows 

Andrzej Kiełczewski (1959)

Born on 08.05.1959 in Wroclaw, Poland In 1977 he began to study philosophy at the University of Wroclaw In 1970’s a member of a Student Committee of Solidarity in Wroclaw In August 1980 he took part in a strike at Grabiszyńska street in Wroclaw During the ... arrows 



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