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List of witnesses of project 'Not to disappear from history'

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Peter Heidler (1946)

Born in Grünlas, district of Elbogen, on June 28, 1946 In the same year, his family moved to Hof in the BRD His childhood was formed by the life in the refugee camp where his father was the foreman Heidler and his two brothers were supported in their musical ... arrows 

Lorenz Knorr (1921)

Born on July 18, 1921, in Cheb. President of the Social-Democratic youth of the town of Cheb. Engaged in local anti-Fascist resistance activities, after 1938 drafted for the Arbeitsdienst and later to the Wehrmacht. Imprisoned for undermining the esprit de ... arrows 

Otto Kögler (1921)

Born on January 3, 1921, in Sandau A member of the ATUS and joined the Socialist Youth at the age of 16 Training as an industrial salesman until 1939 Two years of work in the administration, drafted in 1941 1944 - marriage and birth of his son After the war ... arrows 

Irma Müller (1926)

Born in 1926 in Neuberg nearby Aš Has three older sisters and two older brothers, is by far the youngest in her family Attended a Volksschule in Neuberg Took vocational training for a seamstress in the weaving mill Adler & Nickerl in Neuberg Family was ... arrows 

Else Pecher (1923)

1923 – born in Tisová (Eibenberg) near Kraslice (Graslitz) Both of her parents workers and committed social democrats 1938 – father was assigned to forced labor in the German Reich 1942 – conscripted to forced labor April 1945 – returned from a labor camp in ... arrows 

Rudolf Peller (1926)

Born in Altsattl on December 22, 1926 Father was a mining-industry worker, mother stayed at home and took care of the household and four kids Peller was a member of the ATUS and the Jugendfreunde 1943 – was drafted to the Wehrmacht at the age of 16, assigned to ... arrows 

Olga Sippl (1920)

1920 - born in Altrohlau in Karlovy Vary Grew up in the youth organizations of the Sudeten-German Social Democracy After completing school, she worked for the insurance company Urania 1938 - moved to Prague 1938 - escaped with her family from Altrohlau to ... arrows 

Adam Stupp (1927)

Born in Singen on May 15, 1927 Father was a businessman, mother was involved in the women's rights movement 1940 - Stupp attends the Academic Gymnasium at the Beethoven Square in Vienna Stupp has a passion for early art and literature In 1944, he evades the ... arrows 



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