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List of witnesses of project 'Stories from Czech communities in North Caucasus and West Siberia'

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Jelena Ejchgorn (1953)

Czech native from western Siberia born in 1953 in Novohradka (Kalachinsky district in the Omsk region) married a local German worked as a kindergarten teacher, then as a leader of the labour unions in the local sovchoz their three children are university ... arrows 

Marie Koval (1935)

Czech native from northern Caucasus born in 1935 in Varvarovka near Anapa in a Czech family married a Ukrainian from Kirillovka worked in a kolkhoz in Varvarovka, then as a conductor and then in a fuel depot for thirty years remembers many stories from the ... arrows 

Jevgenie Ružečko (1926)

Czech native from northern Caucasus born 1926 in Kirillovka near Novorossiysk in a Czech family after 1943 she and her family were sent to Crimea for forced labour after her return home in 1945 she worked in the fields, in vineyards and in a cement factory ... arrows 

Anastasie Vondra (1937)

a Czech expatriate from West Siberia born 1937 in Novogradka, Omsk Oblast, her mother was Czech and her father Latvian lived with her husband, a local Czech, in another district of Omsk Oblast; since his death she lives in Repinka worked at a canteen in the ... arrows 



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