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List of witnesses of project 'Memory of Nations on the road'

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Jan Bartoš (1944)

born May 2, 1944 in Pardubice after 1945, his father became a national administrator of a power plant and of the Transport Company in Liberec, where the family moved 1963 enlisted at the airport in České Budějovice, subsequently sent to a school for specialists ... arrows 

Vladimír Doležal (1962)

born in 1962 his father signed Charter 77 Vladimír signed the petition A Few Sentences in 1989 dismissed from his job in a printing works in 1989 he was hired again at the same position after the Velvet Revolution ... arrows 

Jaroslav Hrdina (1945)

born on May 18, 1945 after 1948, his father was sentenced as a kulak to three months of imprisonment the family was evicted to a state farm near Hluboká nad Vltavou in 1966 the family moved to eastern Bohemia blacksmith by trade, worked in the Unified ... arrows 

Jiří Krátoška (1930)

born 2 February 1930 in Pacov trained as a bricklayer, worked in construction for two years remembers his Jewish neighbours and friends, who died during WW2 witnessed the razing of the village of Leskovice near Pacov by the German army built dams for ponds ... arrows 

Jan Nagy (1945)

born on April 12, 1945 in Sereď in Slovakia childhood in Ostrov nad Ohří contracted rheumatic fever when he was eleven years old basic military service in Týniště nad Orlicí in 1964–1966 practised weightlifting since 1969 bronze medal from the championship ... arrows 

Lucie Poppová (1961)

born 1961 in Nepomuk, grew up in Prague August 1968, witnessed the invasion of Warsaw Pact forces September 1968, emigrated to the Netherlands with her parents mid-1990s, returned to the Czech Republic ... arrows 

Miloš Raveane (1924)

born on December 3, 1924 in Brno grew up in Rosice u Brna in 1940 enrolled in Baťa’s School of Work in Zlín worked in the power plant thanks to his superiors in the Ba’ta company he did not have to go to do forced labour in Germany experienced an air raid ... arrows 

Hanuš Salz (1922) video clip available

born 22 February 1922 in Pilsen his father Heřman Salz worked as a sales manager; as a Jew, he was imprisoned in the Terezín ghetto from September 1944 to May 1945 attended grammar school in Pilsen and Sušice, completed a post-secondary education course at a ... arrows 

Zdeněk Streubel (1931)

born 13th June 1931 in Police nad Metují, where he grew up joined a Cub Scout pack before WW2 during the war, member of Foglar's Young Herald reader’s club number 12 112 - Policean Cliff Protectors 1945, rejoined the troop in Police nad Metují father worked ... arrows 

Jiří Svoboda (1936)

born in 1936 witnessed the German occupation of Hradec Králové and the subsequent liberation of the city by the Red Army served in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP) while doing his military service worked as a labourer in various professions ... arrows 



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