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List of witnesses of project 'Georgian Memories on the Soviet Past'

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Baram Baramidze (1936) video clip available

Born in Tbilisi in 1936 1951 he was exiled to Kazakhstan together with family where he spent several years 1961 graduated Tbilisi I. Javakhishvili Conservatory 1960 started to work as an sound operator in the recording studio at the Ministry of Culture ... arrows 

Levan Berdzenishvili (1953) video clip available

He was born in 1953, in October 23, in Batumi In 1970 he finished school in Batumi In 1977 he graduated from Tbilisi State University, philology faculty In 1990 he maintained a thesis in antic literature In 1979 he delivered lectures at Sokhumi University ... arrows 

Gulnara Gorgiladze (1936)

Born in Tbilisi in 1936 1951 - Together with family was exiled to Kazakhstan, in Kyzylkum desert with family. In 1952 – Moved to“30 лет –Октября” (30 years - October) in Kazakhstan 1954 - Returned to Tbilisi from exile 1955-1960 - Studied at Tbilisi ... arrows 

Marcos Gozalishvili (1931) video clip available

Borin in 22 of April 1931 in Vale (Georgia) 1951 Entered The Military Institute 1954 continued his studies at Kutaisi Mining College 1956 Entered Tbilisi Technical Institute 1960 married with Lili Topuria For many years has been working at Akhaltsikhe ... arrows 

recruit Lamara Chinchaladze (1950) video clip available

Born in 1950, January 13, in Kazakhstan In 1957 she arrived in Georgia from Kazakhstan She had been studying for 3 months Then she was adopted by her own uncle and moved to Tbilisi 1957-1961 she was studying at Russian school 1961-1965 she was studying at ... arrows 

Simon Japaridze (1921) video clip available

Born in Chiatura, November 02, 1921 Finished School in Gurjaani In 1940 he was conscripted into the army and sent to Latvia In 1941 was taken captive and sent to prisoners camp in Krushina (Poland) Returned to Tbilisi in 1946 and entered to the Agriculture ... arrows 

Gulnara Kandelaki (1927) video clip available

Born in February 6 1927 in Tbilisi Finished Ilia Chavchavadze # 3 high school in 1945 1945 entered Tbilisi Medical Institute For 48 years she has been working as a doctor at Aladashvili #2 hospital The recent 15 years she was Deputy Head Physician in the ... arrows 

Madlena Komakhidze (1927) video clip available

Born in Borjomi in 1928 Parents were arrested in 1937 father was shot and mother exiled to Siberia She was on the 9th form when mother returned. In 1947 she entered Tbilisi Art Academy, at the faculty of architecture. After graduation she has been working as ... arrows 

Tariel Kutateladze (1921) video clip available

Born in April 12,1921 in Tbilisi Finished public school # 1 in 1939 Entered the University at the faculty of Architecture (Moscow) 1940 Went to the army, was fighting first in Finland and then in the Baltics 1941 was taken captive near Riga 1942 was ... arrows 

Mzia Kutivadze (1954) video clip available

Born in Tbilisi 13 of July 1954 1978 Graduated Tbilisi State University, faculty of Journalism Working at TV and Radio Corporation Heading Russian Information Service Heading of Press Service at the Parliament of Georgia Return to radio in 2001 2006 Mzia ... arrows 



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