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List of witnesses of project 'Liberation of Western Bohemia by the U.S. Army in 1945'

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Ing. Oldřich Babka (1925 - 2016)

Born on May 31, 1925, in Pilsen Spent his childhood in Pilsen in the so-called Petrohrad quarter, in Běšiny 1943-1945 forced labor in the Technische Nothilfe 1945 cooperated with the resistance group "Kolo na Střele" Served as a guard in a German detention ... arrows 

Luděk Dembovský (1929 - 2016)

born 11 December 1929 experienced air raids in Pilsen and the arrival of the American army joined American soldiers on a trip to Hitler’s Eagle Nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany from 1948, studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague and at the Faculty of ... arrows 

Josef Drašnar (1942)

born in Písek on 29th April 1942 his parents ran a flourishing textile business since 1925 the company was nationalized and closed down in 1948 in August 1950 his parents began to collaborate with the resistance group of Bohumil Sup, who was connected with the ... arrows 

Harry Feinberg (1920 - 2014)

narodil se v roce 1920 v Minsku v roce 1921 rodina emigrovala do USA v roce 1942 odveden do americké armády k tankistům 16. července 1944 se vylodil v Normandii svědkem osvobození koncentračního tábora Ohrdruf podílel se na osvobození západní části ... arrows 

Růžena Grubrová (1934)

born on September 1, 1934, in Churáňov her father was arrested during the war and sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment in May 1945, their family guesthouse provided accommodation for American soldiers loss of the family business after February 1948, pressured ... arrows 

Pavel Hauzner (1936)

Born in January 1936 in Plzeň Spent his childhood in Roudná Allied bombing of Plzeň Arrival of U.S. troops Joined the SK Plzeň 1956 military service in Prague Bohnice Since 1989 has been actively exhibiting his stamp collection Forensic expert in the

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Libuše Hittmanová (1923) video clip available

born as Libuše Königsmarková on March 28, 1923 in Zbůch studied the Baťa School of Work for young women and a trade academy 1943-1945 conscripted labour in Germany, working in ammunition factories in Fürth near Nuremberg and in Holýšov fell seriously ill in May ... arrows 

Eliška Hronová (1926)

born 1926 in Slavonice in a Czech-German family with 10 siblings autumm 1938 – spent several days in a camp for Czech deportees in Třešť 1938–1944 lived in Slavonice with her parents and younger siblings 1944–45 worked for BEAG – branch of the Baťa company in ... arrows 

Vlasta Hynčíková roz. Suchá (1928 - 2016)

Born in 1928 in Úboč in a farmer’s family Played in community theater during WWII Studied at a school for cooks called “Domácnost” (Household) 1940 – her uncles were deported to Flossenbürg 1949 – married Karel Hynčík – took over the farmstead 1949 – her ... arrows 

Harry Jacobs (1924)

narodil se v roce 1924 vystudoval Georgetown University 1943 vstoupil do americké armády, absolvoval zpravodajský výcvik červen 1944 vylodil se v Normandii zúčastnil se bojů v Evropě v rámci 4. obrněné divize 11. května 1945 překročil demarkační linii u ... arrows 



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