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List of witnesses of project 'The Pitesti phenomenon'

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Nicolae Purcărea (1923) video clip available

born December 13th, 1923 in Braşov arrested 3 times by the communist regime (4 times in total) part of an armed anticommunist resistance group imprisoned for 13 years and sent to house arrest for 2 years set free in July 1964 wood sculptor ... arrows 

Emil Sebeşan (1926 - 2011) video clip available

born on March 15th, 1926 in Simeria arrested for anticommunist activity in March 1949 sentenced to 5 years in prison victime of the „reeducation through torture” process (so called „Piteşti phenomenon”) ... arrows 

Gheorghe Stănică (1922 - 2012) video clip available

born April 23rd, 1922 in Giurgiu runaway for 1 year and 3 months arrested in August 1949 and sentenced to 4 years in prison for anticommunist activity victim of the “reeducation through torture” process (so called “Piteşti phenomenon”) set free after 5 years ... arrows 



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