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List of witnesses of project 'German Minority in Czechoslovakia and Poland after 1945'

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Maria Anielski - Kołpa (1930)

She was born in 1930 in Unieszewie (Schönfeld) near Olsztyn (Allenstein) Her father worked at the post office, her mother was a housewife Her two older brothers served in the Wehrmacht, and both died on the Eastern Front In the spring of 1945 Maria Anielski and ... arrows 

Hugo Drásal (1927) video clip available

born in 1927 in Dalov (Šternberk) of German nationality escaped service in the Wehrmacht due to eye defect family was not part of expulsion father Hubert died in internment camp in Šternberk internment camp Šternberk internment camp Svatobořice labour ... arrows 

Elsa Gabrielová (1934 - 2015) video clip available

Born in 1934 in Aš Brother Gustav fought in the ranks of the Wehrmacht Father Eduard Bergman was imprisoned by the Nazis for the slander of Hitler Her father was a warden in a POW camp After the war he was placed in an internment camp The family was not ... arrows 

Alfred Heinisch (1933) video clip available

born in 1933 in Rýmařov (Römerstadt in German) German national his father Alfred Heinisch was a wehrmacht soldier his father died in 1953 in Soviet captivity he and his mother and grandmother were not included in the forced expulsion of Germans from ... arrows 

Alois Hiernich (1931) video clip available

born 1931 in Velké Vrbno (Gross-Würben in German) German nationality three of his brothers joined the wehrmacht Franz and Oskar Hiernich died on the front his family was not included in the forced expulsion of the German population most of his family ... arrows 

Waltraud Kriegisch (1927 - 2015) video clip available

born 1927 in the hamlet of Filipovice (Philippsdorf) German nationality spent most of her life in the settlement of Drátovna in Domašov her father Josef Nitsche was in the wehrmacht during the war in Muna Mikulovice her brother Helmut Nitsche was in RAD, ... arrows 

Helena Křížová (1928 - 2015) video clip available

Born in 1928 in Zálesí (Waldeck) In 1939 Zálesí had 445 inhabitants, in 2001 only 20 inhabitants Her father Richard spent three years in Russian captivity in Siberia during WWI Her brother Johan died after the war in a Siberian camp Her sister Elizabeth died ... arrows 

Hartmut Moškoř (1929) video clip available

born in 1929 in Staříč near Frýdek-Místek German minority in the Silesian borderlands Harsh conditions in agricultural production His father Wilhelm Moschkorz was active in the NSDAP, SS and SA Was a member of the Pimf and the Hitlerjugend Father murdered ... arrows 

Margita Hildegard Rajniková (1937) video clip available

born 1937 in Uhelná (Sörsdorf) German nationality has lived in Javorník (Jauering) nearly all her life her father Adolf Neugebauer fought in the wehrmacht and was seriously wounded several times, remained in the Soviet sector of Germany after the war, reunited ... arrows 

Rudolf Reinold (1931) video clip available

born 1931 in Vlčice (German: Wildschütz) German nationality Vlčice gendarmerie ambushed on 22 September 1938 French POWs in Vlčice execution of two Poles for sabotage in Vlčice concentration camp Muna Mikulovice family was not deported with other ... arrows 



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