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List of witnesses of project 'Oral History of Lviv'

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Стефанія-Ольга Депяк (1930)

was born on the 24th of August 1930 in Lviv father worked in polish public service studied in the Polish school named after Isakovich one semester she finished up in the Ukrainian class got the pharmaceutical education during 1951-1953 years worked as a ... arrows 

Лєслав Нітка (1937)

was born on June 13, 1937, in Lviv father was a warden of the building of a female high school named after Queen Yadvìga on the Pototsky street in 1939 father was arrested as "the enemy of nation", and Lêslav with his mother were evicted in 1941 father got a ... arrows 

Михайлина Очерклевич (1938)

was born on the 21st of November 1938 in Lviv her maiden name is Mylianyk together with parents and brother lived on Bogomol’cya Street father worked in technical college, mother didn’t work after war finished the family lived with a fear of deportation to ... arrows 

Ірина Черкес (1936)

was born on June 25, 1936 in Kharkiv 1940 with her family moved to Lviv 1941 with the beginning of war with her parents fled to Kharkiv 1943 with a military hospital of father moved to the Baltic - the city of Daugavpils 1945 after the war came back to Lviv ... arrows 



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