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List of witnesses of project 'Testimonies of Istrian survivors'

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Vladimir Balaić (1928) video clip available

born in 1928 in Breznički Hum during childhood he frequently moved from a city to city joined partisans in 1943 political comissar of a troop during the war severely wounded at Pitomača in 1945 member of Yugoslav Navy commander of communication in Brijuni ... arrows 

Petar Cukon (1922) video clip available

born in 1922 in Medulin where he finished primary school from 1933 to 1941 he lives in boarding school in Krk where he is introduced to antifascism and its ideas first simptoms of tuberculosis, received treatment in hospital in Sušak in April 1941 he witnessed ... arrows 

Amalija Gržetić (1927) video clip available

She was born in 1927 in Zarečje finished five grades of Italian primary school arrested on May 16th 1944 her father perished in Dachau spent time in Corroneo prison (Trieste) concentration camp Auschwitz and Ravensbrück worked in bomb factory in ... arrows 

Milan Krbavac (1925) video clip available

born in 1925 in a peasant's family finished Italian elementary school served Italian army because Istria was since 1918. under Italian rule after the fall of Italy joined the Partisan movement in 1944. got arrested and imprisoned in Buchenwald in the ... arrows 

Josip Križmanić (1926) video clip available

Born in 1926 in a peasant's family Finished Italian elementary school After Italian capitulation he was leid off from the Italian army and he join the Partisans In 1944. Germans arrested him and deported to Dachau He survived medical experiments On 25th of ... arrows 

Zdravko Macura (1939) video clip available

He was born in 1939. 1941. he is hiding with his relatives in pit of the forest of Kozara because of the danger of ustaša. 1942. they were taken to Jasenovac. he remembered cold nights and unhuman conditions. His family was taken as refuges by a family who ... arrows 

Viktor Malinarić (1923) video clip available

He was born in 1923 under government of fascist Italy. As a shepherd, he soon encountered resistance activists and when Italy surrendered, he joined partisan units. As a result of a gunshot wound, his lost a leg. He was transferred to Ustaše's prison hospital ... arrows 

Aldo Mijandrušić (1928) video clip available

born in 1928 in village of Mandalenići in a Croatian family father Josip and mother Franica (madien name Bursić) during Italian administration their surname is changed into Miandrussi at the beginning of the war he witnessed the destruction of his village and ... arrows 

Marko Pilepić (1940) video clip available

born in 1940. in Sardinia (Italy) father was banished from Istria to Sardinia where he met his future wife and Marko's mother Jarda his father perished near Labin fighting against the Germans Marko grew up in an orphanage prone to strolling and delinquency ... arrows 

Nerina Rakić (1928) video clip available

born on April 16th 1928 in Valdebek (Pula) baptized in Pula Cathedral her family supported antifascism she was secretly sewing American flags during Allied bombing of Pula was in bombshelter several times she was at partisan arrival ceremony in Arena ... arrows 



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