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List of witnesses of project 'History and language of Moravian Croats'

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Růžena Babičová (1922)

born in 1922 in Frélichov a Moravian Croat the family was moved to the town of Húzová in northern Moravia in 1949 they returned to southern Moravia in 1962, settled in Břeclav they spoke traditionally Croatian in the family, kids speak Croatian as well ... arrows 

Magdalena Czehowska (1931)

born in Frélichov in 1931 her native tongue was Croatian, attended the first grade in Czech school, then in German school had the role of the first stárka (main girl) in the last Croatian kiritof (feast) in 1947 the family displaced to Huzová husband Josef ... arrows 

Marie Čtvrtlíková (1938)

born 1938 in Frélichov family of Moravian Croats father killed in the war her grandfather Mate Šalamun was an important mayor of Frélichov during the First Republic now living in Bohuňovice ... arrows 

Jan Francl (1940)

Born on 29. 7. 1940 in Frelichov (currently Jevišovka, district of Břeclav) Mother was German, father Czech, has an eight-year-older brother named Vily Family was declared to be politically unreliable, deported from the borderlands in 1952 Trained as a ... arrows 

Jakub Gregor (1930 - 2017)

he was born in 1930 in Nový Přerov he went to a Czech school for one year, the he went to a German school. after his father had had to go to the army, he took care of the family farm his sister died when she stepped down on a mine his family was moved to ... arrows 

Josef Hubený (1937)

Born in 1937 in Nový Přerov Belongs to the Croatian minority in Moravia Family was deported to Paseky in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains in 1948 Lives in Šternberk ... arrows 

Michal Koch (1936)

born 1936 in Nový Přerov Moravian Croat his father Tomáš Koch fought alongside Italian partisans in WWII after the end of the war his father actively involved in fighting for the Croats´ right to stay in their homes, arrested because of that in 1948 his ... arrows 

Štěpánka Kopřivová (1937)

born in 1937 in Dobré Pole Moravian Croat in 1950 her family was resettled to Rejchartice ... arrows 

František Kusmič (1927)

Born in 1927 in Nový Přerov A Moravian Croat In December 1944 - drafted to the Wehrmacht Military training in Wiener Neustadt, combat deployment at the Czech-Slovak border April 1944 - fell into Russian captivity, was deported to the Soviet Union 1946 - ... arrows 

Josef Kusmič (1929)

born 1929 in Nový Přerov Moravian Croat Czech and German schools during the war responsible for the household 1948 the family was moved out to Huzová lives in Šternberk, speaks Croatian actively and very well ... arrows 



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