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List of witnesses of project 'A Century of Boy Scouts'

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Marie Adlerová (1931)

born November 4, 1931 in Vrapice near Kladno first Scout camp in 1939 in Neratovice welcoming the women of Lidice after their return from the concentration camp 1945-1950 – actively involved in scouting not allowed to study at a university, found a job 1950 ... arrows 

František Bahník (1919 - 2002) video clip available

Born on 18 November 1919 The first guide of the 2nd Scout Unit in Hradec Králové Actor and director 1941-42 - actor with Zd. Valden's theatre company 1942-43 - Horácké Theatre in Třebíč 1943-44 - actor and director with Valden's theatre company 1944-45 - ... arrows 

Jaroslav Balek (1933) video clip available

Born on April 26, 1933, in Prague 1945 - joined the 224th Boy Scout troop in Kobylisy, Prague 8 After the dissolution of the Scout by the Communists, he continued to be engaged in the scout illegally Graduated from the Czech Technical University Internships ... arrows 

Věra Benešová (1926)

born in Pilsen March 22, 1926 as Věra Nová joined the Scout troop in spring 1939 during World War Two formed a Club of Foglar’s Fast Arrows with friends during a stay in the summer cottage after the end of WWII became the leader of 27th Pilsen Girls’ troop ... arrows 

Marie Blablová (1926) video clip available

Born on August 22, 1926, in Kopřivnice 1933 - she joined the Girl Scouts During the war she worked in a canteen She helped woman prisoners and partisans After the war she took care of her wounded sister She got married and had two kids She currently lives ... arrows 

Miloš Blažek (1926)

born 7th May 1926 1937 , member of the Scout organisation Legio Angelica took his Scout Promise shortly before the signing of the Munich Agreement during the Prague Revolt, worked in charity after the war, leader of the 318th Scout Troop, co-founder of the ... arrows 

Petr Blažka (1960)

born 1960 in Prague 1969 – joined the 18th Cub Scout pack, and continued as its member throughout the period when Scouting was banned 1975 – forms the Boy Scout patrol Klokani (Kangaroos) 1982–1992 – became the leader of the former 18th Boy Scout troop, which ... arrows 

MUDr. Jiří Bořucký (1919) video clip available

born 28 November 1919 in the family of a teacher attended the Foundation Grammar School in Ostrava 1930s, member of the 1st Scout Troop in Ostrava was friends with Scouts who were executed during WW2 holiday stays with German families a member of Sokol ... arrows 

Vladimír Cabalka (1939)

born July 4, 1939 1946 joined the Boy Scout troop in Prague-Hrdlořezy as a Cub Scout 1948 – the troop’s members move to the 1st Prague Port Šipka 1968 – actively involved in the revival of scouting camps in Borová Lada in the Šumava Mountains after 1990 at ... arrows 



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