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List of witnesses of project 'Collection of the House of Terror Museum'

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Gábor Brooser (1927) video clip available

born in 1927 1944. he had to join the army His parents saved Jews during the war He joined the Hungarian resistance against the Arrowcross Movement. He was arrested by the Arrowcross members but he successfully escaped On 23rd of October, 1956 he joined the ... arrows 

János Havasi (1952) video clip available

born in 1952 Both of his parents were forced to labour in the USSR after the WWII Regardless of the fact that her sister finished secondary school with an excellent result she was rejected from university because of her origins of a religious family Havasi

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Lászlóné Horváth (1947) video clip available

born in 1947, Budapest Their family came from Transylvania, Romania. After 1956 her relative who was a teacher was sentensed for 8 years in prison in Romania. His „crime" was that he have not denounce his student for an irredent poem that the boy wrote in ... arrows 

József Kelemen dr. (1931) video clip available

born in 1931 in Baltavár (Vas county) He remembers that only a few people joined the Arrowcross Party - those were the ones who wanted to gain bigger respect in the village. As the Russians soldiers occupied the village they wanted food and wine right away. He ... arrows 

Dénes Máthé (1946) video clip available

He was born in Budapest in 1946. His grandmother who lived in Solt was declared as „kulak". During the 1956 revolution they lived close to Móricz Zsigmond square which was a stronghold againts the Soviet tanks. He has graduated as chemical engineer. He never ... arrows 

Tivadar Palágyi (1923) video clip available

Born in 1923 His father was a notary, his grandfather was a soldier in the army of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. On the day of the German occupation of Hungary (19 of March, 1944.) he was in duty in Buda Castle While working on minefields in western parts of ... arrows 

László Péter (1943) video clip available

Born in 1943 His family was expelled from Czechoslovakia in 1948 because of Hungarian ethnicity Following the secondary school, he graduated as agricultural engineer worked at numerous collective farms became a leading expert in poultry-farming after the ... arrows 

Lajos Péterfalvi (1925) video clip available

born in 1925 he became a Hungarian champion in athletics in 1944 he was deported for „malenkíj robot" in the USSR His father worked in the state administration before the World War II and has been internated He started his studies at the Hungarian College of ... arrows 

Ilona Péterfalviné, Staller (1928) video clip available

she was born in 1928 Her Jewish origin classmates were deported to Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen in 1944 The first wawe of the Soviet Red Army acted like real liberators. They threw food to the locals. But in the second wawe the real occupiers have arrived. One ... arrows 



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