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List of witnesses of project 'Survivors testimonies'

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Jonas Kadžionis (1928)

1928 was born in Piktagalis, Anykščiai district, Lithuania 1948 joined the partisans 1949-1953 Jonas Kadžionis- Bėda was fighting In Laisvės (Freedom) district, he was one of three the last partisans in that district, he was hiding in different dugouts 1949 ... arrows 

Elena Tvarijonaitė–Gustienė (1934) video clip available

1934 was born in the village Devynduoniai, Kėdainiai district, Lithuania. After finishing four grades in Devynduoniai, worked on her parents’ farm. 1949-1950 the farm was constantly visited by 5 partisans. The partisans were given food and temporary shelter ... arrows 

Liongina Zazaitė–Polikaitienė (1940) video clip available

1940 was born in Lithuania in farmers’ family 1949 her parents joined the kolkhoz 1951 family was exiled to Siberia non- formal reason for exile there was a certain number of families in the district which were to be exiled and in their district the Soviet ... arrows 



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