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Project: Meomory Of Nations: YES-NO

Homepage: http://www.postbellum.cz

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Exhibition YES/NO In 2018, Czech organization Post Bellum, in cooperation with foreign partners, will create a traveling open-air exhibition, which will explore the fate of witnesses from participating countries. The exhibition will be held in seven European countries, where it will travel to Slovakia (Bratislava), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna), Poland (Warsaw), Denmark (Roskilde), Germany (Dresden) and Czech Republic (Prague). In Prague the exhibition will become a part of the larger exhibition, which will be created for the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. The exhibition will be dominated by an object with 12 stories of witnesses from all participating countries. The exhibition will present their life stories and either their cooperation with State Security or, on the contrary, their refusal to cooperate with the StB. The traveling exhibition will be accompanied by experiential workshops for young people. The exhibition starts in Bratislava in May 2018 and will travel through European cities until September 2018, when it ends in Prague; here it will be accessible to visitors until January 2019. The project will be implemented thanks to the financial support of Europe for Citizens.

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