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Project: Testimonies of Istrian survivors

List of witnesses of this project

In 2006 the project named Istrian destiny ( Istrians in the concentration camps during the II World War and after) was initiated by Igor Jovanović and Igor Šaponja. The aim was to gather as more testimonies as possible of camp survivors and to record their stories. Project is a part of domain that gathers oral history,the testimonies of " ordinary people" whose stories are authentic representation of human destiny affected by the maelstorm of war. After interpretatoin and proccesing, the gathered testimonies will be archived,and material will be used for educational purposes, as well. Autors of the project recorded a 12 minute documentary, and the further plan is to publish the research results. The publication of the witnesses in the Memory of Nations Archive was possible thanks to the support from the Europe for Citizens Programme.

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