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Project: Living History

Homepage: http://territoryterror.org.ua/uk/

List of witnesses of this project

The project aims to gather testimonies of people who were affected during the period of Western Ukraine occupation (1939-1941), the Second World War (1941-1944) and after it’s finishing until 1989. Their testimonies (video clips, photos, documents) is a valuable source for researching the history of totalitarianism and recovering the historical memory. At the time of the project a database of witnesses was created. This database is continuously enlarging. During the project (since 2009) interviews with more than one hundred of people (from 1909 year of birth and later) in total length of 200 hours were recorded, hundreds of photos, documents and artifacts were gathered. The media archive is complemented with materials after information accumulation and processing, which means transcription interviewes, video digitizing, scanning photos and documents, creating the backup copies.

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