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Project: Digital audio collection - Museum of Romani Culture

Homepage: http://www.rommuz.cz

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The Museum of Romany culture was established in 1991 as a non governmental non profit organization. It was founded by the Association of experts and friends of the Museum of Romany culture. The initiators were Romany intellectuals, Romany authorities and other specialists. The Museum has become a center of research, documentation and presentation of the Romany culture, traditions, history and presence. It is a unique Institution of its kind in Europe. Since 2005 the Museum of the Romany culture is now a State allowance organization established by the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic. Its fund includes audio recordings on media such are the magnetic tapes, LP, CD´s, MC, MD, CD-R and DVD-R, backup and archiving external hard drives. The media drives contain recordings related to Romany subject matter like: recordings of memories of the Romany war survivors, the traditional way of living etc., recordings of musicians, special skilled lectures etc.

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Museum of Romani Culture

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