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Memory of Nations is a collection of interviews with witnesses. Its main coordinator is Post Bellum, a non-profit agency (civil law association) founded in 2001. It´s mainly an association of journalists, historians, students, who are recording the memories of historically significant population- such as veterans of Word War II, victims of Holocaust, the modern-day military veterans, political prisoners of the communist regimes in former Czechoslovakia, dissident leaders and other historically significant personalities of political, cultural, social and scientific life in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with organizations in other European states, too.

Post Bellum is involved in the successful radio documentary series Stories of the 20th century, creates the digital archive Memory of the Nation, organizes exhibitions, publishes books, carries out social activities.

If you would like to financially, or through other means, to support the work of this portal which gives meaning to the memories of witnesses, please contact the project´s manager, Jan Polouček, (telephone + 420 775 107 654, e-mail:jan.poloucek@postbellum.cz ).

Bank account number for the Post Bellum association:

IBAN: CZ 8001000000511707230277,




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