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List of witnesses

Here you can search witnesses by their names and also by a remarkable year which is connected to witnesses' memories.
Witness name: Year:
Surname begins with letters: Including witnesses in preparation:

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Мирослав Сипа (1925) video clip available

Oct. 24 1925 - born in the village of Pohoriltsi of the Zolochiv region of Lviv district, Ukraine 1942 - became member of Plast and Ukrainian Nationalist Youth 1943 - sent to officer training of UPA (Ukrainian Rebellious Army) of Hryhoriy Pipskyi 1944 - ... arrows 

Микола Ставничий (1927) video clip available

1927 - born in Kolomyia, Halychyna, then Poland 1944 - emigration in Vienna (Austria) 1945 - lived and studied in the camp of "displaced persons" (DP) in Karlsfeld, Bavaria, Germany 1946 - graduated from high school in the camp of ukrainian immigrants (DP) in ... arrows 

Зулай Абуезидовна Сулейманова (1934)

born in 1934 in 1944 her family was forced to move to Leninogorsk, Kazakhstan where living until 1960s in 1960s could return to their home country and set up a new home worked in a Sovkhoz, later devoted to growing tomatoes, which she was selling 1994-96 – ... arrows 

Текля Тихан (1926) video clip available

was born on the 28-th of July 1926 in town Kuty in the age of ten she became an orphan and was brought up by aunt in April 1940 deported to the settlement Trojeckoje (Kazakhstan) June 1941 came back to Ukraine in 1942 joined “OUN Youth”, where received secret ... arrows 

Ярослав Тихий (1913 - 1996)

04.22.1913 – was born in Pidhaytsi in theTernopil region 06.20.1933 – graduated from the Berezhany high school 1938 – graduated from Theological Academy in L’viv 22.08.1942 – got married to Helen Shpytkovska, daughter of the Greek Catholic priest 1941 – ... arrows 

Отець Микола Царик (1912 - 1998)

20.03.1912 - born in the village Sulymiv, Zhovkva district, Lviv region 1919 - went to school in the village Sulymiv 1923 - 1931 - studied at Academic Gymnasium in Lviv 1931 - entered Lviv University, Department of Latin and Greek languages 1932 -1933 - ... arrows 

Ірина Черкес (1936)

was born on June 25, 1936 in Kharkiv 1940 with her family moved to Lviv 1941 with the beginning of war with her parents fled to Kharkiv 1943 with a military hospital of father moved to the Baltic - the city of Daugavpils 1945 after the war came back to Lviv ... arrows 

Богуслава Чорна-Брила (1922) video clip available

was born on September 22, 1922 in Lviv since 1935-th she has been studying at the Gymnasium by Queen Yadvyga on the 14-th of April 1940 she was deported to Kazakhstan with her family in 1944 she had been released after that she moved to Kherson had moved to ... arrows 

Володимир Шарко (1931) video clip available

August 21, 1931 - born in Lviv 1938—1939 – studied in the "Ridna Shkola" school, named after the Prince Leo in Lviv 1939—1941 — studied in the secondary school in Lviv 1942—1944 — studied in Academic Gymnasium in Lviv June 1, 1944 – family emigrated in ... arrows 

Хабибул Муазович Эскерханов (1941)

He was born in 1941 in Ord – Yuchoyi village in Schatuyi district of the Chechen-Ingush Soviet republic His family together with other residents of the Chechen-Ingush republic has been displaced on February 23rd 1944 into Central Asia in years 1944 – 1962 he ... arrows 



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