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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Olga Tichá (1945)

born March 17, 1945 in Mělník daughter of factory-owner František Franěk and his wife Marie the family lived in Dolní Beřkovice her father had a factory for leather goods in Dolní Beřkovice the father’s factory became nationalized in 1948 František Franěk ... arrows 

Václav Brůna (1934) video clip available

born March 2, 1934 in Lkáň while he was still a minor he took over his parents’ farm in Lkáň in 1948 first arrest of his father on December 24, 1951 1954 – began his military service in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions – work in a quarry in Prášily ... arrows 

Ľudovit Petík (1952)

1952 born in Ražňany village (district Sabinov), raised with 9 other siblings. His father was a mason and a musician, his mother was a housewife. 1966 he finished elementary school and went to training school with apprenticeship at LIAZ state-company in Jablones ... arrows 

Ing., Mgr. Ivan Mirga (1968)

06/04/1968 born in Spišský Štvrtok 1982 finished elementary school and was admitted at Gymnasium in Levoča 1986 graduated from gymnasium with high school-leaving diploma 1990 graduated from Army College in Vyškov, Moravia region (present-day Czechia) with ... arrows 

Kornélia Hlaváčová (1938)

1938 born in a Roma settlement in Roštár, at home with the help of a midwife; 1954 began to work as a construction worker; 1959 gave birth to her first daughter; 1964 secretly purchased a family house in Štítnik municipality; 1992 began to sell general ... arrows 

Tibor Oláh (1952)

1952 born in Detva, grew up there in a Roma settlement; 1965 as an elementary school pupil he became interested in painting and teacher noticed his talent; 1968 began to work as a construction worker; 1980 after his stay in the Czech Republic, he moved to ... arrows 

Zdeněk Pika (1946)

born on 19 November, 1946 in a family of a stove manufacturer and a waitress in Opava trained as a blacksmith in 1968 witnessed an invasion of the Warsaw pact army invasion 1980 – joined the communist party in 1985 unsuccessfully tried to emigrate sentenced ... arrows 

Jaromír Piskoř (1962)

Jaromír Piskoř s born on 11 August, 1962 in Opava parent originally from Hlučínsko in August 1968 witnessed the occupation of Opava by the Polish People´s Republic in 1977 - 1981 studied the Secondary School of Agriculture in Opava during military service in ... arrows 

Josef Borsik (1940)

the end of 19th century, his parents moved to Butin in the Romanian Banat 31st October 1940 was born in Jamu Mare, the Romanian Banát August 1949 his family moved to Aš in Czechoslovakia worked manually, also in uranium mines 1975 became a director of the Aš ... arrows 

Marta Červená (1954)

born on May 1, 1954 in Žilina she spent her childhood in the village of Bánová from 1970 she was a member of the secret religious order of Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi May 27, 1983 - she became a witness of the “Operation Whirl” in Tvrdošín April 1, 1983 ... arrows 



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