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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Jaroslav Režný (1935)

Born in Borovo in the former Yugoslavia on 16 March 1935 Spent his childhood and World War II in Zlín-Podvesná Joined the 3rd Unit of Junák boy scouts in Zlín and made his vow in 1947 Was a member of M. Mendřec’s Boy Scout group after the post-1948 ban on ... arrows 

Alena Crhová (1938)

Born in Borovník on 12 March 1938 Her father František Volný was the mayor of Borovník The family owned extensive land František Volný was declared a kulak in 1953 He was accused of exploitation of people, arrested, imprisoned, and worked at a quarry ... arrows 

Professor, ThDr. Jaroslav Maxmilián Kašparů (1950) video clip available

Born in Žirovnice near Pelhřimov on 14 May 1950 Having completed high school he graduated from the Charles University in dentistry Graduated from the Comenius University in Bratislava in general medicine Graduated from the Faculty of Theology in České ... arrows 

Ernestina Švorcová (1934)

Born in Viničné near Pezinok in Slovakia on 25 February 1934 Her father was Michal Pätoprstý, a member of the resistance movement Her father worked at the Ministry of Agriculture as a poultry farm inspector in Czechoslovakia The family supported Cpt. Jozef ... arrows 

Michal Kodíček (1946)

Born on June 20, 1946, in Prague His father, MUDr. Arnold Kodíček, and mother, née Picková, were of the Jewish origin His uncle, Josef Kodíček, was a literary critic, an editor of BBC's Czech broadcast and of the Radio Free Europe Michal's brother is a ... arrows 

Jorge Olivera Castillo (1961)

born 1961 in Old Havana, Cuba Cuban poet and dissident worked as an editor at the Cuban television station ICRT 1991, tried to leave Cuba on a raft but was captured subsequently relegated to an inferior position, due to which he decided to quit his job ... arrows 

Ing. Petr Rehák (1938)

Political clearance in 1968 Czech Catholic charity the poor school nurses Karel Krisl pomologist, the City Františkánský slovakia Holocaust Kubrica in Trenčín Ukrývání Jewish girls Zita Löwenbainová married exchange Rescue Slovak Jews before the ... arrows 

František Malotín (1929)

Born on November 15, 1929, in Barchůvek near Nový Bydžov A son of a large farmer Bohumil Malotín After the divorce of his parents in 1931, he lived with his brother and mother in Nový Bydžov, spending holidays with his dad After February 1948, the father's farm ... arrows 

Pavel Chalupa (1963)

born 31 August 1963 in Teplice primary school in Varnsdorf, trained as an electromechanical technician, then completed an evening course at the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Prague took an interest in acting, experience with an amateur theatre ... arrows 

Jan Valter (1933)

Born in Letiny in Šumava on 31 October 1933 The family ran a pub and a carting operation The Valters lost their business after the war Their property was forcedly transferred to the Letiny farming cooperative in the late 1950s While in the military in Přerov ... arrows 



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