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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Matthias Wraneschitz (1927)

born 1927 in Frélichov spoke Croatian at home, also used both German and Czech since his childhood 1944, drafted into the German army, served on the western front after the war, interned in a labour camp for Germans in Pilsen work duty in the mines around ... arrows 

Matthias Slunsky (1925)

born 1925 in Frélichov spoke Croatian at home, learnt Czech and German at school 1943, drafted into the German army, stationed in France end of the war, returned to Frélichov 1948, he and his wife emigrated to Austria ... arrows 

Rosa Slunsky (1928)

born 1928 in Nový Přerov both her parents were Croats, they spoke Croatian at home 1948, she and her fiancé emigrated to Austria ... arrows 

Anna Vojtková (1950)

born 1950 in Šternberk comes from a family of Moravian Croats that has its roots in Nová Přerov although she was born after the Croats were deported, her mother tongue is Moravian Croatian, which she can still speak on a very high level ... arrows 

Anna Luzarová (1935)

born 1935 in Frélichov spoke Croatian at home, went first to a German school, then to a Czech school 1949, the family was deported to Hartmanice,Opava District 1960s, the family returned to southern Moravia, they live in Kuřim ... arrows 

Jiří Sozanský (1946)

born 27 June 1946 trained as a bricklayer, worked in construction 1967, accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague created art in Terezín, focused on capturing moments of human suffering and break points 1970s and 80s, documented the devastation of the ... arrows 

Jan Darsa (1931)

Born on 5th February, 1931 in Strkovice near Žatec in a mixed family Until 1945 attended German school After war studied Academy of Commerce in Louny Graduated at the VŠE in Prague Worked as a teacher at the Higher Industrial School in Most Since 1970 was a ... arrows 

Ing. Jindřich Homolka (1931) video clip available

born on 26th March 1931 in Hrušovany witnessed the arrival of Cossak units of the Red Army in 1945 after the war he studied at a real gymnasium in Brno between the years 1950 and 1952 he studied at the VUT in Brno between the years 1952 and 1955 he studied at ... arrows 

Jana Němečková (1936) video clip available

born in 1936 in Spálené Poříčí took part in the uprising in Pilsen in June 1953 nurse – worked in the children’s home in Kdyně, in the pediatric clinic in Pilsen, in the pediatric surgery ward of the University Hospital in Pilsen and in a dentist’s office Girl ... arrows 

Josef Vinklát

born February 18, 1934 in Svratouch in the Vysočina region in the family of a cabinet-maker member of Sokol, participated in the All-Sokol Rally in 1948 after completing elementary school he began apprenticing as a locksmith later completed the study at the ... arrows 



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