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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Jozef Pevný (1935)

Jozef Pevný was born on March 22, 1935 in Bratislava until 1943 he was a pupil of the Neolog Jewish Elementary School in Bratislava in November 1944 he was along with his family deported to the concentration camp in Sereď (2 weeks), and subsequently to ... arrows 

Anežka Borová, rozená Koudelová (1924 - 2016)

born 9 June 1924 in Kutná Hora her father worked as a dam keeper and publican in the settlement of Velký Rybník near Kutná Hora during the war, the family hid two Polish deserters for several months during the war, her parents divorced had to help her father ... arrows 

Petr Pakosta (1938)

born 3 March 1938 in Hradec Králové from 1959, worked as a miner in Most District 1974, began teaching technical subjects at secondary schools 1980s, took part in protests against the devastation of nature by industry co-founder of the ecological society ... arrows 

Ing. Miloš Vočadlo (1930)

born June 5, 1930 in Žatec in 1945 began studying at grammar school wished to study medicine, but was not allowed to due to the anti-communist stance of his uncle his uncle with the unfavourable political-personal profile then helped him to get to the faculty ... arrows 

Mária Baranyi (1974)

1974 was born in Diósjenő 1977–1993 lived in Alsópetény 1988–1993 learned in high school health professionals in Vác 1993–1998 nurse in the National Cardiology Institute, Budapest 1998–2008 worked in the family support service 2000–2005 studied at he János ... arrows 

Herta Sedláčková (1923)

born April 21, 1923 in Odry into a German working-class family her father was an active member of the Communist Party already before WWII the family became involved in resistance activity during the war they were providing material support to families of ... arrows 

Josef Tycar (1928)

born July 8, 1928 in Pilsen learnt the profession of a general hardener later completed studies at a secondary technical school in Pilsen his cousin Alois emigrated to England at the beginning of WWII where he flew in the Allied air force, he died at the end of ... arrows 

Ing. Václav Vlček (1944) video clip available

born on May 9, 1944 his father, air force colonel Václav Vlček, was arrested in May 1949 and sentenced in a staged trial graduated from the secondary technical school of geology in Příbram in 1962 began working for geological Survey Jihlava from 1965 working ... arrows 

Marie Košková (1931)

born 6 February 1931 in České Novosilky, Volhynia witnessed the rough war-time years in Volhynia experienced the Russians, the Germans, and the Ukrainian rebels remembers the famished people who came from Russia and eastern Ukraine after the war April 1947, ... arrows 

Božena Šochová (1924)

born 24 November 1924 in Dobříš 1943, graduated from grammar school and was immediately sent to forced labour 4 February 1944, transferred to Markleeberg near Leipzig 20 February 1944,survived a devastating air raid on Leipzig and the surrounding area August ... arrows 



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