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List of the lastly published witnesses

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RNDr., PhD Petr Rojík (1957)

born on 24 February 1957 in Přebuz, Bohemia grew up in a mixed Czech-German family attended high school in Sokolov studied geology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Prague after undertaking military service, he worked as a coal geologist in the Medard ... arrows 

Václav Novotný (1942)

born on 17 March 1942 in the village of Boreč from a protestant farmer's family with genealogy all the way to 1695 in 1953, his father was arrested for not meeting the required levy to the state his mother and her five children were forcibly evicted from their ... arrows 

Karel Štamberg (1932)

born 3 April 1932 in Dubno, Příbram District graduated from grammar school in Příbram 1951–1952, internship at the Institute of Technical Chemistry of the Society for Chemical and Metallurgical Production in Ústí nad Labem successful studies of chemistry at the ... arrows 

Šmuel Givoni (1923)

born as Tibor Salamon on June 30, 1923 in 1940 the family business was aryanized and they lost their housing 1941 Šmuel worked at the Sereď camp as the head of plumbing 1942 in Sereď he helped to found an underground movement Collectiva 1944 joined battles ... arrows 

Ján Vecan (1962)

born on August 23, 1962 in Levice helped his father, who was an evangelic priest, in missionary work with youth 1985 was arrested for smuggling of religious literature accused of criminal offence of circumvention of churched and religious groups’ supervision ... arrows 

Mira Radová (1929)

born on July 2, 1929 in Košice during her childhood she lived with her grandparents; her mom was imprisoned during the war in 1944 Mira was deported to Auschwitz later she was at the forced labor camp in Mühldorf after the war she moved to Bratislava she ... arrows 

Mina Neustadt (1948)

born on June 20, 1948 in Bratislava into the Knežo-Schönbrun family her mother met her father in 1944 in Bratislava; due to his Jewish descent Mina’s mother hid him until the end of the war as a child she played accordion and starting in 1963 she studied at ... arrows 

Jolana Kucíková (1938)

born on February 14, 1938 in Lutiše, Žilina district survived the war in the village of Lutiše, where they had to hide worked at the sales department of a textile factory near Žilina moved with her husband to Bratislava, she has one daughter, granddaughter and ... arrows 

Magda Stančíková, rod. Biedermanová (1922)

born on January 1, 1922 in Nemšová, spent her childhood in Nová Baňa in 1942 they fled to Budapest; hiding until 1945 in different Jewish families after 1948 political processes with her husband; he was accused and sentenced for economic sabotage, served 3-year ... arrows 

Klára Chlamtáčová (1921)

born on February 23, 1921 after the graduation from grammar school she enrolled at a technical school in Vienna after first deportations she fled with her husband to Hungary she was imprisoned in Nové Zámky, Budapest, later in Sereď at the end of 1944 she was ... arrows 



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