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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Vladimír Novotný (1933)

in 1933 born in Liberec in 1938 the family had to leave the borderland because of the Munich agreement in 1939 moved to Hradec Králové in 1950s forced to study at a political school - refused under the communist regime was bullied due to his faith ... arrows 

Karel Hoder (1927)

born on October 9, 1927 in Letovice a member of Sokol, after its revocation helped renewing after the war he joined the U Rotation ironmongery in Prague in February 1948, the ironmongery was nationalized communists pushed the witness to leave the ... arrows 

Jarmila Zábranská (1926)

born on August 1, 1926 in Vlašim née Kameníková her parents owned a bookshop and a stationery business princess Auersperg used to come to shop in Jarmila’s parents’ shop theatre is her lifelong passion worked as an educator in an after-school childcare ... arrows 

Jaroslav Hušek (1920)

born on February 24, 1920 in Máslojedy learnt the blacksmith’s trade did acts of sabotage against the Germans during the war became a member of the Communist Party after 1945, but he cancelled his membership after eighteen years his brother inherited the farm ... arrows 

Eva Houdková (1936)

Born on December 22, 1936 in Vlašim née Sklenářová Father was a participant in the resistance, executed during the rule of Heydrich During the war they were hiding an escaped prisoner from the concentration camp musically talented, sang, played piano and ... arrows 

Antonín Kopp (1932)

born 17 June 1932 in the Janštýn Glassworks his parents ran the Janštýn Glassworks, which had been owned by the family since 1849 1946, the glassworks was nationalised after 1950, his family was evicted from Janštýn and suffered from continued persecution by ... arrows 

Kateřina Irmanovová (1947) video clip available

born on January 21, 1947 in Prague; after 1948 lived in Finland for over a year in 1953 - 1962 attended elementary school Na Smetance, Prague 2 in 1960 stared the main role in a movie called "Dove" by F. Vláčil in 1962 - 1965 attended Archbishop's Grammar ... arrows 

Antonín Doležal (1929) video clip available

born 20 January 1929 in Prague from 1948, research assistant at a physiology institute, head of the Physiology Laboratory at the Mother and Child Institute in Prague-Podolí 1953, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University until 1954, assistant ... arrows 

Vlastimil Venclík (1942) video clip available

born 1 September 1942 in Kyje near Prague 1949–1960, primary school in Kyje and grammar school in Hrdlořezy 1962–1964, mandatory military service after graduating from the Secondary School of Society and Law 1966, enrolled at the Film Academy in Prague; 1969, ... arrows 

Jiří Kvapil (1950)

born on 19 March 1950 in Nová Paka into a family of sportsmen and women his brother Jaroslav was a successful Czechoslovak road cyclist in 1958-68 after finishing grammar school in Stará Paka, he completed vocational training for electrical engineering in Hradec ... arrows 



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