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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Ing. Gustav Krause (1932)

born on 18 January 1932, in Freiwaldau (Jeseník), Czechoslovakia in May 1945 the school stopped for him as for all other German children (he was 13 years old); instead, he had to carry out forced labour in August 1945 his father was imprisoned despite the fact he ... arrows 

Friederike Frank, geb. Urbassek (1926)

Friederike Frank, born Urbassek on 12nd March, 1926 Lived in Jeseník in Kostelní street no. 160 following mobilisation in 1938 fled to Vidnava before the end of war fled again to Ostružná forced labour in Olomouc from July 1945 to February 1946 the father ... arrows 

Inge Urbassek (1933)

Inge Urbassek, born on 18th February, 1933, lived in Jeseník following mobilisation in 1938 fled to Vidnava before the end of war fled again to Ostružná the father interned forced to leave the country became a druggist often visits Jeseník with her sister ... arrows 

Dr. Felix Kafka (1925)

born 28 June 1925 in Prague as the second of two sons Jewish family of a lawyer and chairman of the Jewish Community in Prague 28 June 1935, he and his brother left for England in one of the so-called Winton Trains brief stay in refugee camp and school in ... arrows 

Miriam Kama roz. Langová (1938)

born 4 June 1938 in Bytča, Slovakia Jewish family, printing shop and stationery 1942, father deported to Majdanek, where he died 1942, the witness and her mother and sister were taken to a camp in Sereď August 1944, left Sereď, hid in Nitra and Brezová pod ... arrows 

Věra Čáslavská (1934)

born 18 January 1934 in Chrudim into the family of lawyer Vilém Novák her grandfather, Doctor Eduard Kudrnka, died in the 1950s when interrogated by State Security married Jaroslav Čáslavský, an anti-Communist who delivered documents to Milada Horáková in the ... arrows 

Ludmila Kňourková (1927)

born on 6th June, 1927 in Prague in May 1945 participated at building the brigades during the Prague Upraise following 1948 not allowed to study in the Great Britain worked as a child carer at the Belgium diplomat posted in Prague in 1960s persecuted by the ... arrows 

Ján Mitter (1928)

born on April 29, 1928 in Mučín, Lučenec district comes from a peasant family graduated from an agricultural school after the communist takeover in 1948 he was marked as a politically unreliable person 1950 – 1952 he had to enlist in the Auxiliary Technical ... arrows 

Mgr. Vladimír Drápal (1964)

born 27 March 1964 in Louny already as a child, resisted his Socialist upbringing found his home in underground culture distributed the magazines Vokno and Voknoviny in northern Bohemia helped organise underground culture events until 17 November 1989, ... arrows 

Professor Jan Sokol (1936)

born 18 April 1936 in Prague 1951, began training as a jeweller - was not allowed to study university 1960, began working at the Institute of Nuclear Physics from 1964, took part in the development of the first software programs at the Czech Research Institute ... arrows 



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