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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Eva Kleinová, roz. Dekojová (1934)

born on December 15, 1934 in Velvary in central Bohemia her father Antonín Dekoj was arrested by the Gestapo in 1941 her father died in Mauthausen in 1942 experienced the bombing of Kralupy nad Vltavou her brother Jaroslav Dekoj fought in the Prague Uprising ... arrows 

Zeev Ron (1924)

born 1924 in Vienna as Wolfgang Reinhold Jewish family, grew up in Brno Zionist family, member of Maccabi Hatzair attended a Jewish grammar school in Brno September 1938, departed for Palestine, where he was joined by his brother Kurt 1938–1939, studied in ... arrows 

Marie Feuersteinová (1922)

born 1 January 1922 as Marie Brücknerová grew up in Kobylice near Nechanice 1938–1942, attended a business academy in Hradec Králové 1947, employed at a trading company, met Karel Feuerstein, her future husband 1949, the Feuersteins emigrated to Israel ... arrows 

Oldřich Nakládal (1920)

born on March 14, 1920 in Skaštice in the Kroměříž region in 1940 began working in the company Agrostroj in Prostějov in 1941 began doing forced labour in a factory in Plauen in Germany led a group of Czechs in the arms factory who were inspecting finished ... arrows 

Vladimír Doležal (1962)

born in 1962 his father signed Charter 77 Vladimír signed the petition A Few Sentences in 1989 dismissed from his job in a printing works in 1989 he was hired again at the same position after the Velvet Revolution ... arrows 

Karel Jakeš (1923)

born in 1923 in Stupné 1942 - totally deployed in Berlin during the war arrested for escaping from total deployment 1945 - witnessed the bombing of Berlin at the end of the war ... arrows 

Stanislav Bělík (1919)

born on October 29, 1919 in Tišnov an active member of Sokol learnt the machine fitter’s trade and took evening classes of fine arts after the outbreak of WWII he was sent to do forced labour in Sankt Pölten in Austria worked in a parachute factory for two ... arrows 

Šošana Kohn roz. Weinberger (1924)

born on March 12, 1924 in Olomouc, grew up in Holešov Jewish family, supporting Zionism member of Maccabi Ha-tzair in Holešov and later a group leader (madricha) in March 1939 she went with a group of young Zioniss to Palestine lived in kibbutzim Degania, ... arrows 

Ing., Arch. Jiří Munk (1932)

born on November 2, 1932 in Brandýs nad Labem father Adolf Munk – private lawyer’s office, from 1938 the head of the Jewish community in Brandýs nad Labem, preparation for the transport (CM390 from Mladá Boleslav) memories of his childhood and anti-Jewish ... arrows 

PhDr., PhD. Pavel Žáček (1969)

born on May 18, 1969 in Prague after completing grammar school in Prague-Petřiny in 1987, he enrolled at the Faculty of Journalism of Charles University during his university studies he was in charge of publishing a faculty magazine, he became the deputy chairman ... arrows 



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