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Institution: Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes "Territory of Terror"

79000   Lviv


About us


The “Territory of Terror” Museum and Memorial is a cultural, educational and research entity. Our aim is to record and restore the historical past and avail this new information to all generations by combining scientific research methodolgy with modern information technologies.

The Museum was founded by the Lviv City Council in an area used by Nazi’s as a Jewish Ghetto (1941-1943) and later, under the Soviets, as Transit Prison No 25 (1944-1955).The Museum is currently collating data for the oral history Project “Living History”. We collect the testimonies of witnesses and of victims of totalitarian regimes. Specialists of the Museum carry out research in archives, libraries and former prisons as well as the regions of terror and murder. We want to identify the unknown victims and witnesses to these events, to reveal the truth of the horrors perpetrated by totalitarian regimes in Ukraine. These stories are particularly important for revealing to society the previously unknown pages of history and places of crimes of totalitarian regimes.





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