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Bernard Bokor (1924 - 2013) - Biography

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PTP was a prison which was legitimate according to the law, but which was actually not lawful

Bernard Bokor was born November 28, 1924 in Pečeňady in the Pieštany district in Slovakia. Soon after his birth, his parents went to work in Argentina, and Bernard grew up with his grandmother. He studied the Salesian Bishop Grammar School in Trnava, a teaching institute, and then did a two-year teaching internship in Nitra. After that he decided to continue studying philosophy, and later theology taught by the Salesians in Svätý Križ nad Hronom (present-day Žiar nad Hronom). His study of theology became interrupted by the so-called Action K, when male monastic orders were dissolved on the night between 13th and 14th April 1950. Bernard Bokor was interned in the monastery in Podolinec in northern Slovakia.

In September 1950 he joined the Auxiliary Technical Battalions - PTP (52nd Auxiliary Technical Battalion); he was placed in Svatá Dobrotivá in the Beroun region, and he worked on the construction of army barracks in Strašecí. After this he worked in the Poldi ironworks in Kladno, then on the construction of a building for the artillery regiment in Prague-Jinonice, and he also took part in the building of the mausoleum for the mummified corpse of president Gottwald. He became a civilian at the end of 1953 after 40 months of service. He worked in Konstruktiva, and later in the Research Institute for Iron Metallurgy. He made two attempts to get admitted to a university, but he was never admitted due to his family background. He died on April 18th, 2013.

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