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The Nineties - 1990...

Related anniversaries

1989 - Third renewal of Junák (101) 1990 - 1991 - Odsun sovětských vojsk z Československa (12) 3.10.1990 - Reunification of Germany (2) 2. 3. - 21. 7. 1992 - Konflikt v Podněstří (1) 1994 - 1996 - First Chechen war (6) 1999 - 2009 - Second Chechen war (5) 24. 3. – 10. 6. 1999 - NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (7)

List of witnesses

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Jindřiška Šatavová (1942)

Born on April 15, 1942 Joined the Scouts at the age of 26 – in 1968 At that time, she became a group leader, in 1970 she "had to" take over the troop leadership After the Scouts were banned for a third time, she and her husband organized kids under the umbrella ... arrows 

Jaroslav Šíma (1939) video clip available

Born on 10 April, 1939 in Kutná Hora In 1947 began with scouting In July 1950 the scouting centre in Kutná Hora was cancelled Learnt to be an electro mechanic in Škoda enterprise In 1964 - 1968 distantly studied a training methodical direction at FTVS UK ... arrows 

Pavel Šlegr (1942)

Born on May 13, 1942, in Lužná u Rakovníka A studied mechanic responsible for communication and safety devices Worked as the foreman at a vocational school, later at the shaft and then again as a foreman He only became a scout in 1968 – the deputy of the leader ... arrows 

Stanislav Špinler (1930)

Born on December 4, 1930 in Děčín Moved to Prague after the border regions became occupied by Germany After the war became a member of Boy Scout troop in Prague, later in Děčín Attended the international Jamboree in 1947 in France Worked as an accountant, ... arrows 

Marie Štěpánková (1929)

born March 5, 1929 in Jablunkov her father was a policeman her maiden name is Ambrožová they moved to Frýdek when she was less than three years old higher elementary school for girls Pod sovou in Frýdek her brother RNDr. Miloslav Ambrož (*1931) Scout name ... arrows 

Jiří Švec (1929 - 2009)

Born in 1929 in Hlinsko Worked as the lead planner in a textile factory Became a member of the Scout before WWII Held various positions in the Scout at the level of the troop, the center and the district council Was a social democrat in his youth Died in ... arrows 

Josef Švéda (1935)

born on 12 May, 1935 in Zlín both parents were Baťa´s employees in 1948 shortly attended Junák after the ban of Scouting they created their own group with friends probably past 1951 they got trapped by the secret police then moved on to the mountaineering ... arrows 

Ivana Tarantová (1955)

born April 21, 1955 joined the Scouts in 1968 Scout summer camp closed down during the Soviet army invasion in August 1968 activities in the youth tourist club leading the Pioneers in order to be allowed to study at the Pedagogical Faculty involved in ... arrows 

Roman Teichmann (1930)

to be translated ... arrows 

Eva Tvrzníková (Nohy) (1957)

born September 15, 1957 learnt the bookseller’s trade and worked in a bookshop nearly all her life first joined the Scouts in September 1968 took her oath during the camp in 1969 after 1989 helped with restoration of Scouting in Ústí nad Labem 1990-1996 ... arrows 



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