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The Eighties - 1980 - 1989

Related anniversaries

1979 - 1989 - Sovětská invaze do Afghánistánu (1) 21. 8. 1988 – 17. 11. 1989 – Street demonstrations against the communist regime (75) 1989 - Transition in Hungary (8) 17. 11. 1989 - Demonstration at Národní třída (66) 9.11.1989 - The fall of the Berlin Wall (9) 29. 6. 1989 – Zveřejnění manifestu Několik vět (54) 16. 12. 1989 - 24-25. 12. 1989 - The Romanian revolution (5) 1989 - The fall of the iron curtain (343) 10.11.1989 - The Transition from communism to democracy in Bulgaria (3) 17. 11. - 29. 12. 1989 - The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia (596)

List of witnesses

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Kumar Vishwanathan (1963)

born 15 November 1963 in Quilon in the state of Kerala, India grew up in the family of a power plant engineer in Neyveli in the state of Tamil Nadu 1983, began studying physics at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow met his future wife, a university student ... arrows 

Ing. Jan Vítek (1948)

Born on 18 August, 1948 in Prague To protest against occupation stopped competing in August 1968 In 1986 started as economist in the International Students Union Since 1988 secretly printed samizdat Lidové noviny In 1992 moved to Myslkovice in the Southern ... arrows 

Radomír Vítek (1961)

born on the 16th of July 1961 in Zlín father was a manual worker, mother was a kindergarten principal graduated from industrial chemistry high school, studied at a university in Pardubice for a year spent some time working in construction in Prague, later ... arrows 

Blanka Vítková (1961) video clip available

born 4 August 1961 in Zlín (then called Gottwaldov) her husband Radomír Vítek was a signee of Charter 77 member of the Society of Friends of the USA (SPUSA) secretly copied out samizdat literature participated in several anti-regime demonstrations in Prague ... arrows 

Eva Vítová (1930) video clip available

Born on September 7, 1930 Graduated from a business school in Plzeň Active in the Scout (Sokol) Secretary to the director of the Research and Test Institute of the Škoda works in Plzeň (personal assistant) Participated in pro-US demonstrations in May 1948 ... arrows 

Marie Vitušková (1949)

born July 27, 1949 spent her childhood in the town Vejprnice near Pilsen graduated from secondary school in 1968 and got a job as a worker in the ceramic factory in Horní Bříza divorced twice, single mother with three children (twins and a younger daughter) ... arrows 

Ludmila Vlachová (1937) video clip available

born 30 April 1937 in Vidče her parents, Karel and Marie Koláček, were active in the resistance her father was executed in Wrocław in April 1944 her mother was imprisoned in Ravensbrück concentration camp the witness lived in a children’s home in Rožnov pod ... arrows 

Josef Vlček (1920 - 2015) video clip available

born 1920 in Kaňovice near Frýdek studied the Salesian grammar school in Fryšták general secretary of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Association and the secretary of the Liberal Schools Bureau one of the leaders of the struggle for the preservation of church ... arrows 

Josef Vlček (1951)

born on January 8, 1951 strong interest in music already while he was in elementary school student stay in Great Britain – purchasing of gramophone records study at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University – Czech language and history work in a secondhand ... arrows 

Milan Vlček (1934) video clip available

born 27 January 1934 in Přerov his father had a boat renting service in Přerov his mother’s partner Ludvík Zalubil was shot in Mauthausen on 13 July 1942 his mother Emílie Vlčková was imprisoned for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets after his mother’s release, ... arrows 



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