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The First world war 1914 - 1918

Related anniversaries

Armenian Genocide (2) 7. 11. 1917 - October Revolution in Russia (16) 1. - 2. 7. 1917 - the battle at Zborova (1)

List of witnesses

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Karel Ležák (1928)

born June 18, 1928 in Horažďovice trainee in the ČZ Strakonice factory graduated from the secondary technical school in Kladno deputy director in state-owned company Tatra Slaný external representative for Yugoslavia in Motokov leader of the coordination ... arrows 

Taťána Lukešová (1927 - 2015)

born on 21 October 1927 in Prague as Alice Ledererová worked as writer, journalist, interpreter her father was František Lederer, her mother Galina (née Barakovskaja), her uncle Jaroslav Křížek in 1938 witnessed the arrest of her parents by an SS-commando was ... arrows 

Dana Milatová (1929) video clip available

born 25 August 1929 in Želechovice nad Dřevnicí her father was the administrator of a forest cemetery in Zlín secret burial of the Out Distance paratrooper group member Ivan Kolařík suicide of resistance fighter František Kozmik at the forest cemetery ... arrows 

Kazimír Morozovič (1936)

born January 12, 1937 in the village Rudňa Novenka near the town Shepetivka in Ukraine his father Lucian Morozovič was of Ukrainian origin, his mother was a Czech national the family lived in Ukraine and later in Russia near Buzuluk his mother was a widow when ... arrows 

Master of Fine Arts Vadim Petrov (1932)

Father a doctor of Russian extraction Mother a singer Studied at a Russian grammar school Private classes with the Kabeláčovi spouses Admitted to HAMU Cooperated with the Czechoslovak Radio Head of the Department of Popular Entertainment in the Municipal ... arrows 

Dimitri Rafalský (1930)

born in 1930 in Prague into a family of Russian exiles in May 1945, his father and uncle were abducted by the SMERSH, disappearing without a trace in 1956 his uncle was released from the Gulag Dimitrij's mother was able to obtain permits for her brother to move ... arrows 

Jindřich Valenta (1935)

born in 1935 entered the Scout Movement after WW2 after February 1948, joined in resistance activity arrested, sent to the uranium mines for seditious activity after his release, manual labour 1968, helped renew Scouting after 1989, Deputy Group Leader of ... arrows 

Alois Vocásek (1896 - 2003)

born April 13, 1896 in Pečky learnt metal casting in the Suchý, Jouza & Čáp Company in Chrást near Pilsen in April 1915 drafted in the Austrian-Hungarian army defected to the Russians during the Brusilov offensive (July 1916) joined the Czechoslovak brigade ... arrows 

Микола Ставничий (1927) video clip available

1927 - born in Kolomyia, Halychyna, then Poland 1944 - emigration in Vienna (Austria) 1945 - lived and studied in the camp of "displaced persons" (DP) in Karlsfeld, Bavaria, Germany 1946 - graduated from high school in the camp of ukrainian immigrants (DP) in ... arrows 



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