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Odbojová skupina bratří Mašínů

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Communism (3677)

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Olga Bezděková (1946)

born 14 September 1946 her father, Colonel Stanislav Rejthar, was a pilot in the RAF during WW2 after the 1948 Communist coup, persecution of her father and the whole family openly voiced criticism of the Communist regime graduated from the Faculty of Arts of ... arrows 

Vladimír Hradec (1931)

born 30th May 1931 in Poděbrady first met the Mašín brothers in 1942 became close friends after the war, esp. with Ctirad Mašín helped the Mašín group, but not privy to their plans after the Mašíns' escape, his whole family arrested and imprisoned Vladimír ... arrows 

Josef Mašín (1932) video clip available

born March 8, 1932 in Prague in the family of lieutenant colonel Josef Mašín the family moved to Poděbrady during the occupation after February 1948 began fighting the new regime sabotage actions, stealing money and weapons, causing the death of several ... arrows 

Zdena Mašínová (1933)

born 7th November 1933 daughter of resistance hero Josef Mašín, sister of the Mašín Brothers after her brothers' flight in 1953 and her mother's arrest and death, she was left with no family held in custody for a month, persecuted her whole life only managed ... arrows 

Milan Paumer (1931 - 2010) video clip available

born April 7, 1931 in Kolín, spent is childhood in Poděbrady met the Mašín brothers in the 1940s after February 1948 became a member of their resistance group involved in their actions as a driver military service from 1952 1953 – escaping with the Mašín ... arrows 

Jaroslav Plaček (1933)

born on July 5, 1933 in Činěves at the end of WWII witnessed the passage of German convoys spent the beginning of May 1945 on a barricade with his father after 1948 the family became victims to the collectivization process witnessed the persecution of the ... arrows 

Otakar Rambousek (1923 - 2010)

born 21 January 1923 in Prague trained as a plumber member of the Sokol group in Královské Vinohrady during WW2, forced labour in Berlin 1944, escaped from forced labour May 1945, took part in Prague Revolt, fought at Czechoslovak Radio worked at News ... arrows 

Radslav Švéda (1949) video clip available

born 2 September 1949 his grandparents Mr and Mrs Kasparides had their factory in Kolín nationalised in 1948 his parents’ farm in Lošany was confiscated and the family was evicted his father Václav Švéda joined the Mašín Brothers’ resistance group his father ... arrows 

Ludmila Zouharová (1946) video clip available

born on September 21, 1946 the factory of her grandparents Kasparides in Kolín was nationalized in 1948 her parents’ farm in Lošany was confiscated and the family was evicted her father Václav Švéda joined the resistance group of the Mašín brothers her father ... arrows 



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