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Soldier of the Soviet Army

List of witnesses

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Mikuláš Brőder (1928)

26th July 1928 born at Lučenec, Slovakia summer 1942 – summer 1944 the Brőders detained at the Nováky work camp later lived shortly in Banská Bystrica October – December 1944 the Uprising was crushed: they ran to the mountains parents arrested and shot down ... arrows 

Rostislav Novotný (1928 - 2014) video clip available

Born in 1927 in Novostavce A Czech from Volhynia Ukrainian nationalists – followers of the extremist Stepjan Bandera Trained in the Red Army Attempted to escape to the west Sentenced to one year in prison Imprisoned in Litoměřice Held at the judicial ... arrows 

Corporal (ret.) Vladimír Procházka (1923) video clip available

Life in Česká Krošna in Volhynia Famine in the Ukraine in 1933 Father deported to Siberia 2nd Czechoslovak airborne brigade Wounded by a grenade in Przemysl Participated in the battles of Poprad, Žilina and Ružomberok Resettlement of the Germans in May ... arrows 

Vladimír Souček (1915)

Born on August 28, 1915, in the Ukraine A family of peasants with roots in Bohemia Educated in the Ukraine, but was prevented to study medicine because he was forced to join the Kolkhoz Eventually, he graduated from a business college Became the economist of ... arrows 

Stanislav Švarc (1925)

born in 1925 in Ukraine in the village Vyshechadayevskiy-sakharniy zavod his mother was Polish, his father was a Czech the family survived the famine his father Stanislav Švarc Sr. was arrested in 1937 based on a false accusation and executed two months later ... arrows 

Eduard (Эдуард Аркадьевич) Vorobjov (Воробьёв) (1938)

Born on October 25, 1938, in Voronezh Evacuated to the Penza Oblast during the war His father, a Red Army Captain, was killed in March 1945 in Wroclaw Spent his childhood in the Sumy Oblast in the Ukraine Has a technical education His efforts to get to the ... arrows 



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