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Poles in Regained Lands, 1945 - 1956

List of witnesses

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Tadeusz Brzeziński (1929)

born in Lvov on 27 October 1929 in 1933 his family moved to Kołomyja (Ukrainian: Kolomyia) in May 1945, Tadeusz Brzeziński went to the “Regained Lands” in 1950, he started working as a teacher at a primary school in Herburtowo near Krzyż until his retirement ... arrows 

Zofia Ciesielska (1931)

born on 11 February 1931 in Drohobych (Lviv voivodship, Second Polish Republic) her father had been arrested in 1940, following which he was murdered in Kiev they were deported to Kazakhstan, where Zofia Ciesielska was forced to hard physical labor in ... arrows 

Józefa Goroszewicz (1929)

born 19 March 1929 in the village of Brecianka near Nowogródek (now Navahrudak) in Brecianka Józefa Goroszewicz completed three forms of a Polish primary school she continued her education during World War II in Nowogródek after the war she graduated from a ... arrows 

Mirosław Ilnicki (1931)

born in the village of Komorniki (Lvov voivodship, Turka county) on 15 June 1931 before the outbreak of World War II Mirosław Ilnicki completed the first form of a Polish primary school in June 1944 his family farm was burnt by the Ukrainians in May 1945, ... arrows 

Helena Kapuścińska (1924)

born in Kazimierz near Szamotuły on 13 July 1924 completed primary school in Chodzież in August 1939 she was evacuated near Lviv in August 1944, she was deported to a labour camp near Płock after the Soviet front had moved she came back to Chodzież in May ... arrows 

Michał Klemens (1926)

born in Lvov on 24 October 1926 before World War II he completed five forms of a Polish primary school, then, for a year he went to a Russian school. after the Germans’ entry, in 1942, he started working on the railway in March 1945, he went to the “Regained ... arrows 

Anna Marcinkowska (1918)

born in Świerkówki near Oborniki on 12 June 1918 she went to a primary school in Ocieszynek and Wargowo, she was in the scouts she got married in 1937 during World War II she lived and worked in Poznań she moved to Krzyż in May 1945 she worked as a tailor ... arrows 

Marie Rechtigová (1927)

born 24 January 1927 in Warsaw childhood in Warsaw until the outbreak of the war 1939, moved from Warsaw to Pruszków 1942, as a lyceum student, deported to Stutthof concentration camp later transferred to forced labour in Berlin worked at IG Farben met ... arrows 

Irena Sehnalová (1941) video clip available

born on 27th October 1941 in Tworków, Germany (today’s Poland) father Johan Jarzombek had to join the Wehrmacht her father stayed in West Germany after the war and never came back witnessed her grandfather being shot to death for no reason by a Soviet soldier ... arrows 

Ewa Szpiech (1932)

born in May 27 1932, Skrychołowy - county Horochów , Vojewodship Volhynia, Eastern Borderlands (Kresy Wschodnie),Volhynia. Maiden name: SALECKA Parent’s names: Józef , Paulina – maiden name - Paszkowska In 1943 was family Salecki expelled from home land in ... arrows 



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