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Poles in the USSR 1945 - 1956

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National Minorities (1426)

List of witnesses

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Mykola Baranovskij - Sokolovskij (1928)

born on the 1st of January 1928 in Český Straklov in Volhynia born into a Russian-Polish marriage – Russian father, Polish mother grew up in a Czech village in Volhynia frequented Czech school and was member of Czech organizations (Sokol) witnessed Soviet ... arrows 

Tadeusz Bukowy (1929)

born on 26 January 1929 in Sambor (Lviv voivodship, Second Polish Republic in August 1944 he became a courier for the Polish Home Army between Sambor, Drohobych and Boryslav on 9 May 1945 he had been arrested by the NKVD in August 1945 he was sentenced to ten ... arrows 

Eugeniusz Cydzik (1921)

was born on 26 December 1921 On 1 September 1939, he volunteered to the army and was admitted to auxiliary services in Grodno On 2 February 1942, he took an oath and joined the Union of Armed Struggle He fought in guerrilla units On 3 August 1945 he was ... arrows 

Władysław Karol (1926)

born 28 January 1926 in Łunie near Słobódka before World War II he completed six forms of a Polish school in 1944 he was called up and deported to Russia he got to the Polish Second Army the end of the war found him in Prague after he completed his military ... arrows 

Anna Prussakowa (1931)

born in 1931 in Płock her father was member of the Orthodox Church and mother was a Roman Catholic in 1945, after the liberation of Płock from German hands, the Soviets started resettling Orthodox families to the Soviet Union, Anna Prussakowa’s family was ... arrows 

Stanislav Švarc (1925)

born in 1925 in Ukraine in the village Vyshechadayevskiy-sakharniy zavod his mother was Polish, his father was a Czech the family survived the famine his father Stanislav Švarc Sr. was arrested in 1937 based on a false accusation and executed two months later ... arrows 

Rafaela Wróblewska (1923)

born on 6 November 1923 in the Polish village of Janczyki (now Kolybaivka) near Kamieniec Podolski (Kamianets Podilskyi) in 1932, a kolkhoz was established in the village, and her family farm was compulsorily incorporated into it in 1936, her family was deported ... arrows 



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