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List of witnesses

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Bachelor Jaroslav Bašta (1948)

born 15 May 1948 in Pilsen 1967, accepted to study historical archaeology January 1970, arrested for his activities in the Revolutionary Youth Movement sentenced to two and a half years of prison signed Charter 77, active in the dissent employed in manual ... arrows 

Richard Belcredi (1926 - 2015) video clip available

born 1926 in Brno-Líšeň comes from the important noble family of Belcredi his great grandfather Richard Belcredi served as the prime minister for the Austrian government his father Karel Belcredi was the chairman of the Union of Moravian Farmers his father ... arrows 

Brian Bennett (1948)

born in 1948 in Portsmouth since his youth, he was very political. He lobbied for the Labour Party studied Russian and also learnt Czech joined the Foreign office and was placed to Prague in 1973 his job was to read through newspapers, meet journalists and ... arrows 

Čestmír Císař (1920 - 2013) video clip available

born 2 January 1920 in Hostomice nad Bílinou grammar school in Duchcov, lyceum in Dijon (France) moved to Prague after the Munich Agreement during WW2, accountant at insurance company and wholesale wine merchant 1945, entered the Communist Party (CPC) ... arrows 

Jan Čeřovský (1930 - 2017)

born in February 1930 in Prague from his childhood he remembers searching for fossils, his uncle who was a lawyer with cultural knowledge, and botanist Jaroslav Veselý during his studies at Faculty of Biology he was editor-in-chief of Člověk and příroda magazine, ... arrows 

Jan Drábek (1935)

5th May 1935 born in Prague 6th March 1948 the family emigrated to Bavaria 1 10th September 1948 the family arrived in New York October 1961 begins to work for the Radio Free Europe September 1990 comes to Czechoslovakia to teach English 1992 - 1994 ... arrows 

Zorica Dubovská, roz. Horáčková (1926)

born April 11, 1926 in Prague experienced the German occupation of Prague 1944-1945, forced labour at Wegena in Prague experienced the liberation of Prague saw Vlasov’s Army move through Smíchov 1950, graduated from the University of Economic Sciences ... arrows 

Marie Hana Fejfarová (1911 - 2017)

Born in 1911 in Boseň in the Bohemian Paradise Studied mathematics and natural science at the Faculty of Natural Science in Prague and later PE Married Zdeněk Fejfar, a significant specialist in the field of cardio-vascular diseases Later worked in the Krč ... arrows 

František X. Halas (1937)

born in 1937, in Prague to the family of the poet František Halas 1943 - started elementary school in Kunštát na Moravě, later continuing in Prague 1945 - his brother Jan was born on 8 May 1949 - the death of his father 1952 - began studying at a grammar ... arrows 

Tomáš Hradílek (1945) video clip available

born in 1945 in Lipník nad Bečvou graduated from the University of agriculture in Brno in 1967 was a member of the Communist party in the years 1966-1969 signed the Charter 77 in 1977 a member of the Collective of Charter 77 spokespeople in the beginning of ... arrows 



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