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Political prisoner in Romania

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Communism (3677) Political prisoners (2463)

List of witnesses

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Viorel Mihail Anghel (1953)

he was was born on August 6, 1953 in Caracal, Olt County he worked in Turnu Severin, in Drăgănești, and, starting with 1978, as a medical assistant in the laboratory of the city hospital in Caracal, where he was forced to participate in the cultural activities ... arrows 

Gabriel Arieșanu

he is Greco-Catholic priest was arrested on 3 of March 1950 was sentenced to a year of prison together with other members from his church after detention activated in an underground organization of the church ... arrows 

Aurel Baghiu (1929 - 2010)

born 2 July 1929, Gheja, Mureș County in 1952 he enrolled in the Mechanics Faculty of the Timișoara Polytechnic Institute. Aurel Baghiu was arrested on the evening of 30 October 1956 regarded as one of the leaders of the Timișoara student movement, Baghiu was ... arrows 

Doina Cornea (1929)

she was born on May 30, 1929, in Braşov. she pursued a degree in French language and literature at the Faculty of Letters of the Babeş-Bolyai University. in 1958, Doina Cornea started teaching in the French Department at the same university she had studied at. ... arrows 

Gheorghe Cotorbai (1945)

born on 29 April 1945, Tudor Vladimirescu commune, Brăila county his parents had fled from Bessarabia to Romania in 1940. Gheorghe Cotorbai’s family first settled in Brăila county and then moved to Becicherecu Mic, near Timișoara. on the night of 17-18 June 1951, ... arrows 

Ion Diaconescu (1917)

born on 25 of August 1917 at Botesti, Arges county member of the National Peasant Party he held office within Ministry of National Economy was arrested on 5th of December 1947, being sentenced to 15 years of obligatory work he experienced the harsh conditions ... arrows 

Vasile Dudeanu (1928)

born on April 12, 1928, in Bucharest. still in high school, specializing in wood processing, Vasile Dudeanu started working in a workshop, making small parts for violins in 1948, along with several students of the Industrial High School in Bucharest, Vasile ... arrows 

Dumitru Iacob (1926)

Born on on 25th of March 1926 in Laz, Alba County, Romania Education: Faculty of Equipment and Technology from Brasov town, engineer. Was arrested on 26 October 1958 and sentenced to five years of prison under the accusation of omission of denunciation He was ... arrows 

Miltiade Ionescu (1924 - 2008)

he was born on November 24, 1924, in Galaţi in 1949, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest. After graduating university, he undertook a position as a physician at the prestigious Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, which was established in the ... arrows 

Victor Isac (1917)

Born in 1917 into a family of farmers Bachelor of Philosophy and Letters Faculty of Bucharest. Professor. Member of the National Peasant Party Has been arrested on 22/23 July 1945 and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for „the offense of conspiracy against ... arrows 



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