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Underage political prisoners

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Political prisoners (2453)

List of witnesses

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Jarmila Bočánková (1931) video clip available

Born Indráková Born August 14, 1931 On New Year’s Eve of 1948, as a 17-year-old, she and her parents were arrested Their little adopted daughter was taken away, they never found her In Olomouc sentenced for high treason and espionage on July 1, 1949 - spent 4 ... arrows 

Miloslav Bulva (1932)

he was born on November 30th 1932 in Litomyšl he joined the Scouting organization in 1945 he was a member of the revolt group which was printing and publishing leaflets he was arrested in 1950, sentenced to one year 1950-1951 he stayed in the youth ... arrows 

Vlasta Černá (1933)

born January 19, 1933 in Horní Štěpánov underground church hiding the priest Felix Maria Davídek arrested during the operation “Kameny” (“Stones”) when crossing the state border sentenced to one year prison in Uherské Hradiště clinical psychologist in the ... arrows 

René Dlouhý (1934) video clip available

born 1934 in Prague since he was ten years old, he was brought up by his aunt in Nové Město nad Metují when he was fourteen he began printing anticommunist pamphlets with his friends In 1952 arrested and convicted of associating against the state, sentenced to ... arrows 

Miloslav Dočkal (1927)

born June 13, 1927 in Budislav, Litomyšl district September 1949: joined the group of Josef Lněnička September 1949: the whole group was arrested October 7, 1950: sentenced according to the 1st Article of Act n. 231/1948 Coll. to 25 years of imprisonment for ... arrows 

Vasile Dudeanu (1928)

born on April 12, 1928, in Bucharest. still in high school, specializing in wood processing, Vasile Dudeanu started working in a workshop, making small parts for violins in 1948, along with several students of the Industrial High School in Bucharest, Vasile ... arrows 

Eva Dušková, roz. Vokálová (1931)

born 11th November 1931 in Prague 1937-45, basic and primary school after 1945, one year of business school 28th May 1948, arrested because of her acquaintance with Miloslav Choc 11th December 1948, convicted as a juvenile in the trial with Hamal and co. ... arrows 

Václav Eliáš (1935) video clip available

born April 1, 1935 lived in Litice u Plzně in the Sudetenland studied at the German Volksschule and Czech higher elementary and learned the joiner’s trade April 1952, attempted to escape to Austria, transporting secret documents to Vlachovo Březí, untrustworthy ... arrows 

Amálie Fojtíková (1929) video clip available

Born in Rajnochovice, Kroměříž District, in 1929 Spent her childhood in the Koliby community The family supported the guerrillas of the 1st Jan Žižka Czechoslovak Brigade Uncle František Řepka and cousin Vladimír Řepka joined the guerrillas Chief of the ... arrows 

Josef Gara (1934 - 2017)

born in 1934 in Kunčičky u Bašky near Frýdek-Místek in September 1949 became an apprentice in the textile factory Slezan Frýdek-Místek in September and October 1950 formed an anti-communist group together with some other apprentices October 1950 – January 1951 ... arrows 



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