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Officials of the Czechoslovak People´s Army in 1948-1989

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Jana Andrlíková (1939) video clip available

born 24 July 1939 in Jičín her father Jaroslav Pulec was chairman of the Municipal National Committee in Jičín from 1960 to 1970 at sixteen, joined the Czechoslovak People’s Army witnessed the Šumava military exercise at Hradčany Airfield in Mimoň witnessed ... arrows 

Second Lieutenant (ret.) Josef Bartošek (1947)

born on 19 September 1947 in Medlov his family moved to Fryšták in 1953 after his father was convicted for being a Kulak graduated from technical school in Zlín and worked in automobile repairs in Holešov did his military service in 1966 with the 7th airbone ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Ivan Benčák (1919)

he was born on March 17th 1919 in Novosedlice village in Tjachevo region, Carpathian Russia in 1940 he was taken into Hungarian army, but after just few months he ran off to Soviet Union he spent two years in the detention Siberian working camp he entered the ... arrows 

Zbyněk Čeřovský (1931)

born July 13, 1931 in Hořice v Podkrkonoší 1949 graduated from the Josef Jungmann’s Grammar School in Litoměřice in 1950 went to the Army Artillery Academy in Hranice na Moravě, graduated holding the lieutenant’s rank studied at the Military Academy of Klement ... arrows 

Lieutenant General (ret.) Josef Činčár (1921 - 2013)

born in 1921 in Michalovce 1942–1944 he served as a rank-and-file soldier with the air-force regiment of the Slovak army in 1944 he fled to Poland to join the Czechoslovak army after his training, he served as a pilot in the Czechoslovak army he participated ... arrows 

Josef Dobrý (1925)

born in 1925 in Hlinsko, Zdolbunov, Volhynia during the Soviet occupation worked in agriculture during the German occupation in hiding after arrival of the Red Army into Volhynia registered at the Czechoslovak fighting unit paratroop training, served at the ... arrows 

Jiří Dufek (1932)

born 24th April 1932 in Střelice near Brno childhood in Jasina in Carpathian Ruthenia 1951 graduation from grammar school 1951 joined the Czechoslovak army 1954–1957 Military Political Academy of Klement Gottwald in Prague after graduation served as the ... arrows 

Vilém Dvořák (1921)

born on January 23, 1921 in Chlebičov from the Hlučín region, he first fled to Opava he then continued his journey through Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon in France he engaged with the retreat fights in England he was with an ... arrows 

Josef Evan (1959)

born in 1959 his grandfather forced to joint the united agricultural coop in a pioneer camp in August 1968 saw the arrival of military equipment played active hockey, football, and sports gymnastics in 1978-1998 served in the army, major rank eight years as ... arrows 



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