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French Foreign Legion

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Veterans (1292)

List of witnesses

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Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Ján Bačík (1917 - 2016)

born 25th January 1917 in Parižovice, Slovakia 1939 escaped through Poland to France, joined the Foreign Legion training in Algeria, 1940 fought in France escaped occupied France to Britain, paratrooper training, preparations for a mission in to the ... arrows 

Colonel Josef Balejka (1917 - 2004)

born in Valašské Klobouky on March 4, 1917 learned to fly in Masaryk Air League in Uzhhorod joined up 3 Air Regiment in Piešťany after that went through training in Prague-Kbely in 1938 returned to Piešťany, after the declaration of the Slovak State he had to ... arrows 

Major Augustin Císař (1917 - 2008)

Born on 20 August, 1917, in Nové Sady near Dolany Originates in a working-class family Trained as a cabinetmaker Voluntarily joined the Army in 1936, achieved the rank of a sergeant After the Nazi occupation in 1939 moved to Poland and from there traveled to ... arrows 

Ludvík Čambala (1923 - 2008)

He was born in Slovakia in 1923 He immigrated in 1940 with the intention to join the Czechoslovak foreign army He joined the legions in France along with his friend He survived the difficult retreat and lived to see the fall of France He underwent training to ... arrows 

Jaroslav Čermák (1929 - 2011)

arrested and held at a juvenile detention camp in Germany joined French partisans (the Maquis) when thirteen years old fought with the Maquis in Normandy with French units from Paris to Linz liberation of Cheb and Prague Foreign Legion, fought in Korea and ... arrows 

Jan Dorúšek (1920)

born March 14, 1920 in western Slovakia leaves the country together with his friend Jozef Gabčík in 1939 via Poland arrives to France where he joins the French Foreign Legion participates in the defence of France against the German invasion captured, ... arrows 

František Fajtl (1912 - 2006)

born August 20, 1912 in Donín near Louny studied at a commercial academy, then military academy, from which he graduated in 1935 as lieutenant pilot 1939 left for Poland, after the outbreak of WWII for France in France served in defense of the air space over ... arrows 

Leopold Fiala (1917)

born on November 15, 1917 studied at Kyjov grammar school unable to complete studies at the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno concentration camp in Tolonzhaaz in Hungary, escaped to Yugoslavia in 1939 transported from Yugoslavia to Agde ... arrows 

Colonel Jaromír Foretník (1914 - 2006)

born on December 17th 1917 in 1933 finished the ten grades of school in Brno town attendance by 10th regiment in Brno town in 1934 graduated on Army academy in Hranice na Morave town (with LT honor) served the army in Slovakia by border line regiment stay ... arrows 

Stanislav Gazdík (1970)

born in 1970 in Karviná, his father was a miner 1989-1991 - compulsory army service May 1991 – joined the French Foreign Legion 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2.REP) 1994-2003 – member of the special unit of the 2nd regiment – CRAP (GCP) missions to Africa ... arrows 



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