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Winton’s Children

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Holocaust (1028)

List of witnesses

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Benjamin Abeles (1925) video clip available

born June 23, 1925 in Vienna in a Czech-Austrian family 1933 the family moved to Prague July 1939 – left with the so-called Winston transport to Prague May 11, 1943 – joined the Czechoslovak army in England August 1943–1945 – serving as a ground engineer in ... arrows 

Asaf Auerbach (1928)

born in Palestine in 1928 his parents were Zionists coming from Czechoslovakia 1930 – return of the family to Prague father left oriented, family considered emigration departure in Winton transports to England on July 18th, 1939 spent the war in an asylum ... arrows 

František Elston (Epstein) (1922 - 2005)

born on May 27th 1922 in Prague-Podskalí to an assimilated Jewish family his father obtained a false birth certificate and František got into the Winton transport to England after the graduation exam he entered the 313th Fighter Squadron of the RAF ¬ injured in ... arrows 

Ruth Federmann (1926) video clip available

born 1926 in Prostějov moved to Prague around 1929 her father Artur Steckelmacher, construction engineer and architect, designer of the interior of Roxy Palace her father died in May 1933 September 1, 1939 Ruth was to depart on a so-called Winton train to ... arrows 

Tom Graumann (Hochberg) (1931)

born in a Jewish family in Brno one of Nicholas Winton's children raised in a Presbyterian family in Scotland converted to Christianity didn't return to Czechoslovakia after the war studied nursing worked as a nurse, teacher and a missionary on the ... arrows 

Milena Grenfell-Baines (1929) video clip available

born in 1929 in Prague, grew up in Proseč near Skuteč her father Rudolf Fleischmann initiated the invitation of Thomas Mann to Czechoslovakia and he negotiated the granting of Czechoslovak citizenship for his family 1931 – her mother died and her father ... arrows 

Ruth Hálová (1926) video clip available

born 25 February 1926 into a Jewish family in Český Krumlov had an older sister, Eva 1926, her father died 1938, the family moved to Protivín, later to Prague 29 June 1939, the witness boarded a “Winton train” to England 2 August 1939, her sister Eva ... arrows 

Dr. Felix Kafka (1925)

born 28 June 1925 in Prague as the second of two sons Jewish family of a lawyer and chairman of the Jewish Community in Prague 28 June 1935, he and his brother left for England in one of the so-called Winton Trains brief stay in refugee camp and school in ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Jiří Pavel Kafka (1924) video clip available

Born on May 2, 1924, in Prague A member of the Zionist Organization Techelet Lavan June 28, 1939 - departure to England on the so-called Winton train Stationed in Ipswich in a camp for refugee children Vocational school, secondary school in Cheltenham ... arrows 

Hana Kleinerová (1927)

she was born on July 28th 1927 in Prague she comes from Czech oriented non-religious Jewish family on July 31st 1939 she left with her sister on the last Nicholas Winton´s train to England she spent the war years in Boston, Lincolshire County her entire ... arrows 



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