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A warder in a communist prison

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Communism (3677) Political prisoners (2463)

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First Lieutenant (ret.) Vladimír Bouz (1923)

born July 4, 1924 in Olšanka in eastern Volhynia 1944 – mobilized for the Red Army February 16, 1944 – joined the newly formed 1st Czechoslovak Army corps, 2nd paradesant brigade, 2nd battalion, 6th company training in Yefremov and Proskurov 1944 – fighting ... arrows 

Michal Demjan (1921) video clip available

born 19th November 1921 in the village of Vyšny Verecki in Subcarpathian Ruthenia 1939, forced to join the Hungarian semi-military organisation Levente 31st March 1940, crossed the borders into the USSR 1940-November 1942, imprisoned in Skole, Stryi and ... arrows 

Vratislav Herold (1927 - 2010)

1927 in Rakovník studying trade academy 1944 – forced labour in a ceramic factory in Rakovník working on trenches with the League Against Bolshevism immediately after the war joined the Communist party military service with the border guard; worked as a ... arrows 

Captain (ret.) Vladimír Hnetecký (1927 - 2013)

Born on 7 July, 1927, in Dubno in Volhynia, in a Ukrainian-Czech family 1944 - taken to work in a tank factory in Chelyabinsk 1944 - the driver of a reconnaissance tank, tank troop of the 2nd Division, 1st Brigade of the Polish Army Was in action in Poland, ... arrows 

Major (ret.) Ivan Iljáš (1922)

Born on 29 April, 1922, in the village of Černotisov (Černý Ardov) in Carpathian Ruthenia Worked as a train conductor Was in the Hungarian paramilitary organization "Levente" Jailed for an offense in Uzhgorod and sent with Hungarian troops to the front line ... arrows 

Josef Klesa (1921)

born March 10th 1921 in Cheb trained as a clockmaker and goldsmith 1942 sent to forced labour to Breslau in Germany from 1946 working as a warden in Pilsen-Bory and in Cheb (1 year) 1946 joined the Communist Party, left the Party before 1948 and became a ... arrows 

Ivan Picura (1923 - 2004)

born on 30 April 1923 in a town called Rachov he had to go to the forest forced labour camp at Kobylecká Polana in the middle of the 1940 he managed to run away to the partisans he joined the 8th battery of 5th artillery regiment his unit continued from ... arrows 

Vasil Sofilkanič (1921 - 2012)

Was born in 1921 in the village of Klecanov in the Carpathian Ruthenia region. Was a professional carpenter. Ran away to USSR in 1940. Arrested and sentenced to three years for illegal entry. Transported to the working camps in Siberia. Freed after 2 and a ... arrows 

Antonín Šurýn (1946)

Was born on the 16th of March in 1946 in Vranovice in South Moravia. He was trained in milling. He studied at the high school of the Prison Service in Ostrov nad Ohří. Between 1967 and 1969 he worked as a warden in the prison of Příbram. From 1969 he had ... arrows 

Любомир Полюга (1925) video clip available

1925 Born in Lviv 1941 Joined the OUN 1945-1946 In the underground. Agent and guard of Roman Shukhevych, leader of UPA (Taras Chuprynka) 1947 Seriously wounded and apprehended by the MGB for 18 months he was kept in various prisons in Rogatyn, Stanislaviv, ... arrows 



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