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A communist interrogator

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Vít Ibl (1967) video clip available

born March 28, 1967 joined the National Security Corps (SNB) in the 1980s became a member of the communist party as a member of the standby regiment intervened in Všetaty in January 1989 during the so-called Palach’s Week during the Velvet Revolution involved ... arrows 

Štefan Popjuk (1915 - ????)

born June 25th 1915 in Carpathian Ruthenia trained as a carpenter, served in the Czechoslovak army till the Hungarian occupation 1939 unsuccessful attempt at escape to the USSR, forced to remain in the occupied homeland joined the Hungarian army, 1943 ... arrows 

Jaroslav Řičica (1924)

born on 24. April 1924 in Veselí nad Moravou a machinery locksmith by ČKD Sokolovo in 1944 assigned for forced labor in Germany after the war became a laborer in 1947 recruited to army to serve compulsory service, entered KSČ (Communistic Party), applied for ... arrows 

Major Jaromír Ulč (1950 - 2016)

born 20 May 1950 in Pilsen, he died in 2016 father a professional soldier, mother later member of the District National Committee of Prague 6 member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak Youth Union, Socialist Youth Union studies: secondary ... arrows 

Karel Vaš (1916 - 2012)

born on 20th March 1916 in Uzgorod from 1933 member of the Czechoslovak Communist Party and of the Federation of Friends of the Soviet Union and Democratic Spain in May 1939 illegally crossed the Russian border, three years in the gulag in Vorkuta 1943 in ... arrows 

Zdeněk Závěšický (1922)

trained as a blacksmith joined the national guard right after the end of the war Police academy in Brno, fights with Ukrainian nationalists in charge of the police station in Bílovec left the SNB in 1953 locksmith in the Strojosvit works studied VUML ... arrows 



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