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Member of Revolutionary Guard Corps

List of witnesses

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Jan Aust (1922) video clip available

Born in 1922 in Hrabenov A member of the Czech war-time community in Šumperk (Mährisch Schönberg in German) Sentenced to nine months in prison in 1942 for anti-German statements Sentenced to three months in prison in 1943 for slander of a girl of German ... arrows 

Josef Bachura (1926)

born 27 February 1926 in Prague grew up in Lahovice trained as a mechanic at Janka Radotín secret Scouts troop in Lahovice, October 1944 - Scouts training in Zvíkovské Podhradí 1944-1945, air raids on Radotín May 1945, fighting in Lahovice guardsman at a ... arrows 

Ing. Karel Beránek (1925) video clip available

born December 17, 1925 in Bílina his family moved to Roudnice nad Labem studied the Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in Roudnice nad Labem June 20, 1942 – arrested in the so-called ‘persecution of students from Roudnice’ June 20, 1942 – ... arrows 

Jaromír Čížek (1924) video clip available

born on 17 June, 1924 in Dolní Beřkovice near Mělník began to attend Higher Industrial College in Roudnice nad Labem on 20 June, 1942 got arrested in connection with so called students´ persecution in Roudnice imprisoned in the Small Fortress in Terezín ... arrows 

Václav Čmuchař (1925 - 2015) video clip available

born 26 August 1925 in Roudnice nad Labem attended a technical school in Roudnice nad Labem 20 June 1942, arrested with other second-year students and taken to the Small Fortress in Terezín worked on the construction of the Reichsbahn in Ústí nad Labem and at ... arrows 

Ing. Bohumil Harák (1925)

born October 25, 1925 in Brno his father was an anti-Fascist resistance fighter, imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps 1940 dismissed from secondary school Technische Nothilfe active part in the Prague Uprising member of the group Revolutionary Guard ... arrows 

Private Stanislav Hylmar (1920) video clip available

Born on 12. 7. 1920 in Jičín Father had a small upholstery workshop Siblings: brother Václav (* January 9, 1908, died March 9, 1968) and sister Marie (died in 1918) Participated in the 1st Slavic Jamboree as a cub Scout in 1931 1936 – took part in a Scout ... arrows 

Ing. Vladimír Kolomý (1930)

born March 18, 1930 in Úvaly member of the Revolutionary Guards at the end of the war studied civil engineering at the Czech Technical University co-founder of the 38th and 41st troop Ječná in Prague 2 active Scout throughout his life actor of the amateur ... arrows 

Ladislav Kovařík (1926)

Born in Valtice in Břeclav region on June 14th, 1926 Having finished his primary school he moved with his parents to Otrokovice in 1938 He attended foreign-language Baťa's school of work during the war In 1944 he joined Jan Žižka from Trocnov guerrilla brigade ... arrows 

Ivan Kvasnička (1925)

Born on the 10th of December 1925 in Prague. Son of a parliamentary deputy and later senator for the Czechoslovak National Democracy. 1942, expelled from secondary school with his whole class. Passed his graduation exams at the Academic Grammar School. From ... arrows 



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