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List of witnesses

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Vít Chaloupka (1960)

Born on April 12, 1960, in Benešov After study at the Academy of Arts and Design, Prague, he took a variety of part-time jobs From 1983 employed as a receptionist in the hotel Europe, Prague, where he exchanged currency for foreigners He left the hotel in 1990, ... arrows 

Ing. Jiří Paroubek (1952)

born 21 August 1952 in Olomouc graduated from the University of Economics in Prague 1970, joined the Czechoslovak Socialist Party worked in a management position at Restaurants & Canteens moved to a job at Prefa eight years later 1989, joined the Czech ... arrows 

Stanislav Tišer (1957)

born on 5 October 1957 started boxing as a fifteen-year-old was a boxer for twenty years seven times Czechoslovak champion in 54 kg category made a living as illicit moneychanger after 1989 became a box coach ... arrows 



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