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Emigrants from Russia

List of witnesses

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Nina Ingrišová (1931)

Cossack emigration to the Czechoslovak Republic flight from the Red Army in 1945 refugee camps in Germany and Italy emigration to Brazil expat community in the USA staging of operettas of Eduard Ingriš in Los Angeles wedding of Nina Karpuškinová and ... arrows 

Kateřina Irmanovová (1947) video clip available

born on January 21, 1947 in Prague; after 1948 lived in Finland for over a year in 1953 - 1962 attended elementary school Na Smetance, Prague 2 in 1960 stared the main role in a movie called "Dove" by F. Vláčil in 1962 - 1965 attended Archbishop's Grammar ... arrows 

Vladimír Janoušek (1924)

Born on February 18, 1924, in Prague Trained as a trombonist at the Prague Conservatory Sent to forced labour to Nürnberg in March 1944 Played in symphonic orchestra in Nürnberg and Dresden during the war Took part in the fighting in the Ardennes as auxiliary ... arrows 

Dimitri Rafalský (1930)

born in 1930 in Prague into a family of Russian exiles in May 1945, his father and uncle were abducted by the SMERSH, disappearing without a trace in 1956 his uncle was released from the Gulag Dimitrij's mother was able to obtain permits for her brother to move ... arrows 



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