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List of witnesses

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Krzysztof Jaxa-Rożen (1936)

born 4 August 1936 in Warsaw 1940, his grandfathers died in Katyně under the hands of the NKVD his father was an officer in the Polish people’s army 1944, survived the Warsaw Uprising, when the family’s house was burned down and his relatives were displaced ... arrows 

Jaroslav Plaček (1933)

born on July 5, 1933 in Činěves at the end of WWII witnessed the passage of German convoys spent the beginning of May 1945 on a barricade with his father after 1948 the family became victims to the collectivization process witnessed the persecution of the ... arrows 

Hrabě Jan Podstatzky - Lichtenstein (1937)

born August 13, 1937 in Janovice near Rýmařov from 1937 until 1948 he was raised together with his two siblings in the chateau in Velké Meziříčí his father was active in anti-Nazi resistance during World War Two the family’s entire property was confiscated ... arrows 

Ing. Jaromír Šimonek (1945)

Born on July 24, 1945, in the chateau of Lobeč On March 8, 1948, all family property, acquired by the great grandfather Josef Šimonek, was nationalised 1951 – the family had to leave the chateau of Lobeč to live in the cottage of Eduard Štorch in Lobeč 1960 – ... arrows 



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