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A comunist official

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Communism (3677)

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Josef Bubeník (1934) video clip available

born April 24, 1934 in Dubňany in the Slovácko region began learning the fitter’s trade, then transferred to a secondary industrial school, later to the Institute of Physical Education and Sport joined the Communist Party in 1957 teaching at the Faculty of ... arrows 

academic painter Ivan Bukovský (1949)

was born on 7th July 1949 in Prague both parents spent the war years in concentration camps 1964 - 1968 studied at the Hollar Secondary School of Arts 1971 - 1976 studied at the AVU (Academy of Fine Arts) 1980 took part in the group exhibition in Terezín ... arrows 

Čestmír Císař (1920 - 2013) video clip available

born 2 January 1920 in Hostomice nad Bílinou grammar school in Duchcov, lyceum in Dijon (France) moved to Prague after the Munich Agreement during WW2, accountant at insurance company and wholesale wine merchant 1945, entered the Communist Party (CPC) ... arrows 

Jiřina Doubnerová (1922)

born 31 March 1922 in Vinařice near Kladno 1938, entered an Ursuline boarding school in Hostinná 1940-1944, attended the School of Arts in Zlín under sculptor Prof. Makovský 1945, joined the CPC regional culture officer in Kladno, later background assessment ... arrows 

Jiří Dufek (1932)

born 24th April 1932 in Střelice near Brno childhood in Jasina in Carpathian Ruthenia 1951 graduation from grammar school 1951 joined the Czechoslovak army 1954–1957 Military Political Academy of Klement Gottwald in Prague after graduation served as the ... arrows 

Karel Dufek (1916)

as a student of medicine, he joined the International Brigades fighting alongside the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War after the Brigades´ withdrawal he left for France where he was interned fought in the Czechoslovak Foreign Army in France after France’s ... arrows 

František Ducháček (1940)

born on 22 June 1940 in the village of Vitějeves comes from a poor farmer’s family graduated from a mechanization school in Strážnice by the early 60s worked in the State Technical Supervision was employed by a state farm in Březová where he became head of ... arrows 

Jarmila Foralová (1927) video clip available

born on the 27th of April, 1927 in Palkovice her uncle, František Bílek, was a parliamentary deputy of the National Assembly her father helped German anti-Fascists who had escaped from concentration camps in Germany the family joined in the Communist resistance ... arrows 

Sándor Goják (1947) video clip available

February 25. 1947. Was born in Borjád village 1961–1964 Trained at an engine fitter’s vocational school in Budapest 1965–1968 Enlisted frontier guard in Pornóapáti 1971–1990 Worked for MÁV Vehicle Repair in Szombathely 1990 Ran a wine bar on Vashegy of ... arrows 

Miloš Hájek (1921 - 2016)

was born on May 12th in 1921, in Dětenice in 1941, Hájek joined the communist resistance movement from 1943, he cooperated with Hasomer Hacair as well, he helped to obtain false documents for Jews Hájek was arrested by the Gestapo in August 1944, he was ... arrows 



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