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The national, ethnic or religious minorities in Poland

List of witnesses

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Annelore Finková (1940)

born on 19 July 1940 as Annelore Miszich in the city of Lyck in Eastern Prussia (today Elk in north-eastern Poland) grew up in Königsberg/Kaliningrad her father drafted to the Wehrmacht in 1939; fell in 1945 her family was expelled in the spring of 1945 spent ... arrows 

Marta Heczko (1931)

she was born on November 24, 1931 in Pruchna (Cieszyn Silesia) she comes from a peasant family, which had a 27-hectare farm her parents, coming from Pruchna, run the farm Marta was the oldest of six children before an outbreak of World War II, she completed ... arrows 

Elżbieta Kasprzak (Szoma) (1980)

born on 19 January 1980 in Wrocław she comes from a mixed family Polish-Romany, her grandfather was a Galician Gypsy (Bergitka Roma) her mother renounced her, there is no contact with her to this day, the death of her father, brought up by grandparents a flat ... arrows 

Antonie Kašparová (1935) video clip available

born on 25th June, 1935 in Zborov upon Volyn in a former Poland as a child spent a majority of her summers in Czech Malin saved four-member Jewish family from Ostrožec in Czech Malíně the Germans killed her parents, eight uncles and aunts and about fourteen ... arrows 

Sebastián Košút (1941)

born on November 16, 1941 in Čierna Hora (pol. Czarna Góra) 1965 he was ordained a priest in Warsaw imprisoned in years 1969 – 1970 as an organizer of an anticommunist movement during the normalization era he emigrated to Italy 1987 – meeting the later ... arrows 

Helena (Halina) Kula (1936)

born on May 10, 1936 in Kończyce Małe in Cieszyn Silesia, Poland she comes from working-class family which have lived in Cieszyn Silesia for generations, her father worked for many years in Hard Coal Mine in Czechowice Dziedzice, mother was a housewife she ... arrows 

Maria Kuś (1931)

born on September 8, 1931 in Gogołowa, currently Wodzisław District in Silesian Voivodeship she comes from working-class family, they have lived in Upper Silesia for generations her father run his own carpenter’s workshop, mother was a housewife she attended ... arrows 

Bożena Paczkowska (Siwak) (1962)

born on 27 February 1962 in Wrocław, Lowersilesian Province she comes from Siwak family belonging to Bergitka Roma, has 3 brothers and one sister her parents used to live in the region of Jasło (Rzeszowskie Province) before the war, they had farm there being ... arrows 

Tadeusz Paczkowski (1962)

born on 04.05.1962 in Włocławek in a family belonging to Polish Roma in 1962 their parents gave up their life in gypsy camps and settled down in allocated flats in a bunkhouse on the territory of Włocławek together with other Romany families after settling down, ... arrows 

Mgr. Lydie Půrová (1932) video clip available

born on the 28th July 1932 in Český Straklov, Volhynia spent her childhood in a village called Ledochovka in Volhynia Volhynian Czech her uncle Vladimír Bešta and his son were shot by the Soviets for being exploiters of the people her aunt Věra Beštová and ... arrows 



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