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List of witnesses

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Zdeněk Bíza (1936)

born on May 8, 1936 in Rohatec near Hodonín 1942 – began attending the elementary school in the colony in Rohatec 1945 survived the fighting of the Red Army near Rohatec while hidden in the basement 1955 – passed his school-leaving exams at the secondary ... arrows 

Jiřina Čechová (1937)

born 16 June 1937 in Brno 1948, her father died 1955, graduated from grammar school in Znojmo 1960, Master’s degree in archiving at Charles University in Prague 1960-1965, worked in archives 1965, started teaching at the Znojmo grammar school 1970, ... arrows 

PhDr. Vladimíra Hradecká (1949)

Born on 1st April, 1949 in Ústí nad Labem In 1967–1972 studied archiving and auxiliary historical sciences at FF UK in Prague In 1972 married for the first time (and got divorced 4 years later) Since 1977 until 1986 worked in SOA in Prague In 1977 met Jan ... arrows 

František Hradil (1932)

born 1 February 1932 in Prušánky, Hodonín District September 1945, enrolled at the classical grammar school in Velehrad 1953, drafted into military service in Jeseník 1958, married Maria Hlaváčová 1958, employed as a teacher, distance studies at a teachers’ ... arrows 

Rudolf Kadeřábek (1925)

born 8 April 1925 1933, his family bought a kiosk 1931-1940, attended primary school 1940-1943, trained at a drug store 1943-1944, attended a liqueur school in Prague 17 April 1945, witnessed the bombing of Beroun, the death of his girlfriend 1950, ... arrows 

Ruth Landau, roz. Goldbergerová (1946)

born on 9 December 1946 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania her family was Jewish-Slovak-Romanian; both parents were holocaust survivors 1948 moved to the Slovak town of Sládkovičovo 1961 the family moved to Israel graduated from grammar school; studied sociology and ... arrows 

Bořivoj Nechvátal (1935)

born 4 January 1935 in Berlin, where his father worked at the Czechoslovak consulate 1939, the family moved to Prague-Střešovice 1953, completed grammar school, enrolled at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University 1958, graduated from history, employed at the ... arrows 

Jaroslav Novotný (1926)

born 4 September 1926 in Prague concluded his studies at a secondary chemical-technical school when assigned to forced labour in Essen after the war, worked in Germany for a year as an interpreter for workers returning home from forced labour 1946, after his ... arrows 

Miloš Pokorný (1931 - 2016)

born on 22 December 1931 in Prague due to political circumstances decided not to study university worked in the foreign trade enterprise Feromet and later in the Research Institute of Heavy Industry following a military service with the Auxiliary Technical ... arrows 

Hanuš Salz (1922) video clip available

born 22 February 1922 in Pilsen his father Heřman Salz worked as a sales manager; as a Jew, he was imprisoned in the Terezín ghetto from September 1944 to May 1945 attended grammar school in Pilsen and Sušice, completed a post-secondary education course at a ... arrows 



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